Novorossiya, Vladimir Putin

If Putin Died Tonight, Novorossiya Could Fight Again

Written by Donovan Kirsten for Quemado Institute

Quemado Institute
February 13, 2017

slavfeb13-17wWhile the civilians of Slavyansk were being bombed by Ukraine’s acting regime leader Oleksandr Turchynov, Russian President Vladimir Putin was cheating on his wife and lusting after the little gymnast waif he met at the Sochi Olympics, whom he impregnated and did not deign to marry, no doubt because she was beneath him. Cool shot, Putin. Putin the betrayer. Putin the squid. He cares about Syria, but not about Donbass. He led Donbass on, dangled them on a string. Crimea voted and he took them. Donbass voted, thinking he would take them too. He never bothered to tell them he wouldn’t be able to take them. He let them think he would.

So Donbass started fighting, Igor Strelkov leading the way. The Duma approved Russian military intervention. Igor Strelkov fought and waited, fought and waited—waiting for the Russian army to come, fighting with a meager 8.000 troops, because he thought—we all thought—the Russians would arrive any day. Putin let him think that. Putin never told him the Russian army was never coming.

And then they never came. Day after day we watched, everything in the balance, innocent people being slaughered by the Ukrainian Army, by Kiev’s Nazi battalions. Strelkov finally had to retreat. Putin led him on, then Putin let him down. Putin didn’t bother to tell Strelkov the Russians were never coming. Never bothered to tell him. Putin was too busy lusting after his waif. Then Putin overturned the Duma ruling. Putin was duplicitous to treat Crimea one way and Donbass another.

Novorossiya fought anyway. Novorossiya started to win. Putin then sent his generals in, yes, his Russian generals, to work with Kiev, to work with Poroshenko, yes, to coordinate with Poroeshenko. All under the guise of the JCCC, the Joint Center for Control and Coordination. I knew on the day Putin sent those generals, the very day he sent them in, that Putin sent them to crush Novorossiya. And I said so in a commentary once published here but since deleted.

Putin sent his generals to work with bloody war criminal Petro Poroshenko to force the Novorossiya Armed Forces to withdraw from the contact line. Putin strong-armed Donetsk People’s Republic President Alexander Zakharchenko to withdraw his forces from the contact line. Unilaterally. So Putin could look good to Angela Merkel, and lust after his out-of-wedlock waif.

Then “grey areas” emerged along the contact line, where people in villages had no one to defend them, no protection from the brutes of Kiev, because the NAF had retreated. The Russian generals strong-armed the Novorossiya Armed Forces into withdrawing from Shirokino, and then the entire contact line, so Kiev was then able to bomb Novorossiya from villages that had once been Novorossiya’s. All this to make Putin look good in front of Angela Merkel.

And then the Squid-in-Chief betrays Novorossiya fighters and turns them over to Kiev. He betrays the Donbass Republics.

Givi would be alive today if he’d been allowed to fight on the battlefield. No one could kill him in battle. But Putin, prissy Putin, goody two-shoes Putin, wanted to look good for Angela Merkel and wouldn’t let Givi fight, wouldn’t let Donbass fight, fight for its life and its land. Motorola would be alive today. Bednov, Dremov, Mozgovoy would no doubt be alive today.

If Putin died tonight, Novorossiya could fight again.

Quemado Institute comments: Sometimes things just need to be said. We regret if Putin worshippers are offended.



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