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Body Snatchers Moment! Is Sputnik a Front for the Ruling Elite?

Russian Site Censors Important Political Ideas
By Karl Pomeroy

Quemado Institute
July 2, 2017

The Rotting R********d Mansion in Paris. The R********ds are known as one of the greatest European banking dynasties ever established, amassing the largest private fortune in modern history. The family is less well-known for anything to do with squalor, ruin or decay. But just 5 miles from the Notre-Dame, beyond the lush green lawn of the Edmond de R********d park, standing defiantly behind a thick wall of shrubbery and bramble is the ghostly figure of the Chateau R********d. The neo-Louis XIV castle has been abandoned since the Second World War when the R********d family fled to England before the arrival of the Germans, (–Messy Nessy Chic)

“I didn’t know the meaning of fear until I looked into Becky’s eyes,” –Kevin McCarthy, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956 film)

I had an Invasion of the Body Snatchers moment the other day when, to my utter disappointment and admittedly even shock, I received an email from the moderator at the Russian news agency Sputnik saying a comment I posted had been deleted.  What was their pretext for deletion? Racism. A catch-all term for anything the libtard globalists don’t like.

Libtard globalists? Wait, this was Sputnik!

There was nothing racist about my comment. Which made me wonder why Sputnik would censor that particular idea—an idea that could prove a piece of the puzzle to help avoid war between the United States and Russia.

I won’t keep you in suspense.

My deleted comment was:

“If the US and Russia were allies, they could eat the world for lunch. The European elite fears this, having the most to lose. Remember, the Europeans, not the Americans, dominate the New-World-Order Trilateral Commission (check their website), and the R********ds run the world banking system. Control of US policy by the European aristocracy is too often ignored. For good reason. They prefer the world not catch on to their Russophobic games.”

In my original Sputnik comment, I spelled out the R-word explicitly. Was that a no-no? Apparently so. At any rate, I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never spell the name of that family again.

My comment mentioned the R********ds only in the context of being European, not in the context of being members of the Jewish race. It  certainly isn’t racist to point out that someone is European. Europe is not a race, it’s a continent. Obviously the Sputnik moderator was lying through his or her fat digits about why she or he deleted my comment.

So Sputnik—one of my few trusted news sources, or what used to be one of my trusted news sources (they’ve taken a quality nosedive lately)—is now a mouthpiece for the R********ds??

Deletion of my comment doesn’t equal censorship of just some incidental topic. It means we are forbidden to talk about perhaps the most important political topic of our day. So now, a possible root cause for the current US-Russian conflict is a subject taboo for discussion.

My reaction is more than hurt feelings.  It means the very subject most in need of discussion is off limits. And at Sputnik, one of the last relatively truthful and responsible daily news sources in existence. Or so I thought.

Trump and Lavrov in Washington (–Breitbart) Do these men look like friends to you?

Although my comment might sound flip, it carries deeper implications. The R********ds own Reuters and AP, and thus control much of the what the Western World thinks. The rule of the European aristocracy could be overthrown by a Trump-Putin alliance. That’s why the mainstream media, under no small influence by Reuters and AP, push anti-Russian, anti-Trump propaganda. Daily we see Russia-gate stories, fake reports vilifying President Trump, false allegations against Vladimir Putin, exaggeration of the differences between the two superpowers, and media-driven escalation of tensions, for example, over Syria and Ukraine. Let’s see what happens when Trump and Putin are scheduled to meet at the G20 next weekend. Will the globalists stage a terrorist strike to prevent it?

Oddly, Sputnik News also plays up these tensions, albeit with a different slant. So whose interests are they serving? Now I know the answer.

Still, why would Sputnik refuse to publish my comment? What was it that scared them so? Too close to the truth? Did I hit a raw nerve?

America under Trump, and Russia under Putin, have a lot in common and nothing substantial to fight over, except false conflicts mostly manufactured by the mainstream media, and now alas—by Sputnik. Both countries are high-tech oriented, secular, predominantly Christian, with leaders who are seeking peace. (At least, I personally am convinced that Trump is seeking peace, despite recent flare-ups in Syria, which may have a good explanation. But that is another commentary.)

The fact is, if the United States and Russia were allies, we would jointly run the world. So what keeps apart? Something, but what is it? I don’t subscribe to the notion that there are deep cultural suspicions between our people with historical roots that can’t be overcome. Many Americans accepted Russia easily after the Soviet Union fell. And many Russians looked forward to better relations once Trump took office.

And who foiled those better relations?

Hillary Clinton, Sir Evelyn de R********d, Bill Clinton, Lynn Forester de R********d (–Alan Davidson)

Enter the R-word-dominated western mainstream media, in collaberation with the so-called deep state, which is rooted in the American and European aristocracy, with Europe playing a bigger role than most people realize. For example, the 64-member executive board of the New-World-Order Trilateral Commission is 53% European and only 21% American. Not to mention the R********d banking empire and its influence on the US Federal Reserve. Nor the R********ds’ support of neocons Hillary Clinton and John McCain. See:

Ruling Elite Seeks One-World Government, Hillary a Puppet – Joachim Hagopian

I posted a comment on The Saker about my deleted Sputnik comment, explaining that the moderator had censored it for racism. The Saker replied sympathetically, suggesting I contact a Sputnik executive and let them know what their moderators were doing. I took his advice. My email to Sputnik executives is posted further down.

Other commenters at The Saker agreed my comment was not racist. ChristineG replied, “I find it intriguing that this comment was censored. I wonder if it was the act of an isolated mod, or the party line at SN. That would make me read whatever they offer with a giant grain of salt.”

My thoughts exactly.

But there is more. On a deeper level, I believe my Sputnik comment got a little too close to the truth. It may have exposed who really is stirring up US-Russia tensions and why.

I have had suspicions for some time that the European-dominated financial elite—maybe even the R********ds themselves—are responsible for fabricating most of Western Russophobia. It is a divide and conquer strategy. We should not fall for it. See:

Are the R********ds Fomenting American Russophobia?
Europe-Dominated Ruling Elite: US Dictatorship and the Anti-Russian campaign

Here is the original email I received from the Sputnik moderator:

“Hello, quemadoinstitute!

“Your comment has been reviewed by the moderator and cannot be used.

“Comment text:
If the US and Russia were allies, they could eat the world for lunch. The European elite fears this, having the most to lose. Remember, the Europeans, not the Americans, dominate the New-World-Order Trilateral Commission (check their website), and the R********ds run the world banking system. Control of US policy by the European aristocracy is too often ignored. For good reason. They prefer the world not catch on to their Russophobic games. [The original had the R-word spelled in full.]

“This happened because you violated the comment rules. Please consult the list.

“Moderator’s comment: Racism

“Sputniknews.com team
This is an automated letter.
Please do not reply.”

Here is my email response to a Sputnik executive:

“To the President of Sputnik or Higher Executives:

“I would like this complaint to be forwarded to a Sputnik executive. I am writing this at the suggestion of The Saker.

“A well-intentioned comment of mine was deleted by one of your moderators on the pretext of racism. The comment mentioned no one’s race, and in no way implied that any race was being degraded. I was presenting a valid political idea that I considered important for discussion, assuming we are all trying to prevent a war between the US and Russia.

“I posted the deleted comment on The Saker, and he replied with the suggestion that I contact a Sputnik executive and let them know what their low-level moderators were doing. The Saker and others at his website agreed the comment was not racist.

“The comment put forth an idea that could lead to greater alliance between our two nations by exposing what might be the ultimate cause of Western Russophobia. If the comment sounds flip, I was trying to be concise. The R*******lds are mentioned in a context of being European, not of being Jews. There is nothing racist about pointing out that someone is European, as Europe is not a race, but a continent containing many races. [The original spelled the R-word in full.]

“I read Sputnik because I approve of Russia and Putin and want our countries to be friends.

“My deleted comment was as follows:

“If the US and Russia were allies, they could eat the world for lunch. The European elite fears this, having the most to lose. Remember, the Europeans, not the Americans, dominate the New-World-Order Trilateral Commission (check their website), and the R********ds run the world banking system. Control of US policy by the European aristocracy is too often ignored. For good reason. They prefer the world not catch on to their Russophobic games.”

So even Sputnik News has been body-snatched by the globalist elite!

What source can we trust?

I might as well be Kevin McCarthy running down the interstate!


One thought on “Body Snatchers Moment! Is Sputnik a Front for the Ruling Elite?

  1. Meet the New World Order .. Once it is understood Communism and Zionism are both trees split from the same trunk and the same root system, the picture becomes clearer. Both had the same goal: World Domination. Which one won? Putin, a Christian, stopped the ZioCON/Communists looting of Russia and, when he started to prosecute them, they fled to Israel. Today they’ve shifted their focus to the USA and, and in addition to looting the USA, they’re bringing their Iron Curtain police state down on us. Until Trump, at the risk of being called an anti-Semite, gets the courage to do what Putin did and toss the ZioCON/Communists out of the USA, the USA will continue its’ downhill slide and, if they ever get the guns, millions of Christians will die, just like they did to the Christians in Russia.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Greg Alkema | July 3, 2017, 1:32 am

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