The Dying of the Light

How Censorship Killed the Alternate Media

Quemado Institute
Last edit: July 1, 2019

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“As dusk gathered beyond the plastic shrouded window, the light in the lounge imperceptibly faded, until the residents were no more than insubstantial shapes merging into the outlines of the furniture. For the most part they were silent, but from time to time, one would suddenly burst into speech. This set others off, until soon the whole group was yattering inconsequentially away, all talking, none listening. Then as suddenly as it had begun it would stop, each speaker breaking off in mid-sentence until the final voice ceased and silence resumed once more.” ── Michael Dibdin, Chapter IV, The Dying of the Light (First Vintage Crime)

Quemado Institute pays tribute to the life and death of the internet

Editor’s Note
July 1, 2019

We are suspending operation of Quemado Institute for the time being due to censorship and the impact it has had on the alternate media.

We plan to resume Quemado Institute publication in about one year, on approximately July 1, 2020, or upon selection of the Democratic presidential candidate. At that time, the Quemado Institute website will be used to promote our campaign for the re-election of US President Donald J. Trump. (More on that below.)

Our emphasis will be factual comparison of the two candidates, their respective records, the origins of their power, and transcripts of their speeches.

The Impact of Censorship on the Alt Media

When Trump won the Republican candidacy for US president, about half the alternate media supported him. By that time, the alt media had established a set of prevailing policies, including friendship with Russia, US military withdrawal from the Middle East, an end to NATO, an overthrow of the deep state, and sovereignty for nations. Trump’s campaign speeches, as well as his interviews dating back to the 1980’s, marked him as a candidate aligned with these alt media policies.

In contrast, the mainstream media favored Hillary Clinton, who stood for war with Russia, continuing US military aggression, further empowerment of the deep state, and ultimate New World Order rule. Alt media commentators uniformly detested Hillary, yet about half of them—for reasons unfathomable to Quemado Institute—detested Trump almost as much. Nevertheless, the alt media as a whole were a powerful factor in Trump’s election.

This infuriated the deep state Anglo-Zionist operators who own the MSM. Consequently, the media tech giants announced in the spring of 2017 a major internet censorship crackdown, intending to wipe out the alt media, especially if it favored Trump.

Their stealth tactics were three-pronged: 1) Remove anti-deep state platforms from the internet; 2) Frighten alternate journalists into silence by setting examples; and 3) Flood the information vacuum with MSM anti-Trump propaganda.

Some 200 websites were listed for removal by the ad hoc censorship platform PropOrNot.com. This and similar moves directly silenced a number of alt media voices, among them Alex Jones. But worse, the censorship tyrants created examples by victimizing and imprisoning Roger Stone, and heinously persecuting Julian Assange. These examples have so seriously shocked the alt media that many authors, such as Caitlin Johnstone, have now taken to censoring themselves.

Effect on the 2020 election

But the most dangerous tactic was also the subtlest.  After the New World Order elite shut off the flow of truthful information, they flooded the vacuum with mainstream anti-Trump propaganda.

This tactic has worked frighteningly well. Alternate journalists, starved for news to write about, turned for their stories to the mainstream news, where they were promptly programmed, via subconscious and subliminal persuasion, to hate Donald Trump. Those who feel invulnerable to such persuasion are actually the easiest victims. In this category are many alt media journalists, pundits, and intellectuals, who pride themselves on their own astuteness and thus fell straight into the MSM trap.

The upshot: Protect your mind. Don’t read the mainstream news.

As a result of this devious tactic, alternate media pundits who formerly supported Trump have turned against him one-by-one, even while they fail to produce a better presidential candidate.

This is akin to taking a hatchet to your only leaky life boat while stranded in the middle of the Atlantic. We’re bound to sink if Trump isn’t re-elected, because any Democratic party candidate will, with overwhelming probability, be far far worse.

The only contender with decent policies is Tulsi Gabbard. But could she win the Democratic candidacy? Hardly. And once in office, would she be strong enough to oppose the deep state more effectively than Trump? Not a chance in a million.

Alternate media pundits who at one time supported Trump’s peaceful anti-globalist agenda, yet now have succumbed—partially or totally, directly or indirectly—to MSM anti-Trump propaganda, include such excellent authors as Paul Craig Roberts, David Stockman, James George Jatras, Robert Bridge, those at The State of the Nation and Natural News, and many many more.

This was the last straw for Quemado Institute. Now, as far as we know, every Western alternate commentator otherwise enlightened about world affairs has turned against Trump, except ourselves.* Yet none can recommend a better candidate.

They are all taking hatchets to the life boat, with no other flotation device in sight.

Trump needs our support. Bashing Trump is not without consequence.

Think about the impact of your writing.

* Quemado Institute deeply regrets the passing last week of journalist Justin Raimondo, co-founder of antiwar.com and a strong defender of Trump and his peace policy.


2 thoughts on “The Dying of the Light

  1. HOW could you support the mindless, bloodstained Donald Trump?!!

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Arrby | July 8, 2019, 12:40 am
  2. Hi Arrby, I understand your question The commentary explains it. THERE DOESN’T SEEM TO BE A BETTER CANDIDATE. That’s the impasse we’re facing. Trump is a hard sell, except in contrast to somebody worse. Like Biden, a war monger if there ever was one. And Bernie voted for every war since 9/11.

    But why do you say “bloodstained”? Who has Trump killed? I know about 11 civilians died in a neighboring village during Trump’s Tomahawk strike on the Syrian airbase. That is indeed blood. But that is all. How many had George Bush and Obama killed? Thousands! That’s what we’re hoping to prevent.

    Please bear with us. We’re trying to steer America away from war. This election is going to be hard. I know you and I agree on most things. Sorry to disappoint. Hang in there. Keep fighting.


    Posted by KPomeroy | July 8, 2019, 1:02 am

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