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COVID-19 Pandemic: Are Extraordinary Measures Warranted?

We Are Living Under Totalitarianism

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March 20, 2020
Revised: March 28, 2020
Last edit: March 30, 2020

Coronavirus Mystery: Snatching Truth from the Jaws of Tyranny
Opinion by Karl Pomeroy

LA shuts down (News 9 Australia video screenshot)

As the alleged Coronavirus pandemic spreads to nearly every country on earth, officials have acted in lockstep to freeze the global economy, an unprecedented overreation that poses a risk to society.

The totalitarian measures imposed by governments around the world amount to medical martial law. Many states in the US have banned alcohol, shut down restaurants, closed schools, imposed curfews, and forbidden gatherings large and small, a violation of our right of assembly. The California lockdown has furthermore restricted 40 million residents to their homes.

Do the facts warrant such extraordinary measures? Or is the official narrative a hoax?

Factual data1 as of March 20, 2020 suggest the scare is a hoax.

  • COVID-19 has allegedly caused the death of 0.0004% of the world’s population—or four  ten-thousandths of a percent.
  • Half again as many people in the world have died from alcohol abuse so far this year as from COVID-19.
  • Twice as many people worldwide have died of malnutrition so far this year.
  • Thirty times as many people have died of all respiratory diseases worldwide so far this year.
  • About 35,000 Americans die annually in traffic accidents. Less than a tenth that number have died from COVID-19.

Click to enlarge. Number of deaths by cause, World, 2017 (–

Despite the large number of traffic deaths in the US, national and state governments have  not imposed extraordinary measures. Schools and highways have not been closed, alcohol banned, nor restaurants shut down, even though road tragedies have taken many of our loved ones. It would be inconceivable for the government to impose such restrictions to reduce traffic accidents. Yet four times as many people have died so far this year on the road as from COVID-19.

The government has also neglected to take effective steps against cancer, which claims over 600,000 American lives a year, by promoting good nutrition, a healthy environment, and honest scientific research. Instead, to protect the multi-billion dollar US cancer industry, the government and medical industry have restricted research into natural cancer remedies and outlawed treatments available in other countries, while encouraging procedures known to be deadly.

The US government has not even banned cancer-causing food ingredients, pesticides, weed killers, or GMO products, but instead protects the corporations that produce these poisonous substances.

The current US administration is aggressively promoting the 5G cellular network, an untested technology involving high frequency radio and microwave emissions known to damage the human immune system and increase vulnerability to infectious disease. Nor can we avoid the deadly effects of geoengineering, a US-NATO atmospheric modification program that clouds the sky with toxic metals and particulates.

It also seems suspect, in the face of this so-called pandemic, that the US government has not encouraged the building of healhy immune systems, such as by taking Vitamin C, Selenium, and other essential vitamins and minerals. Yet this is our first defense to combat COVID-19.

Obviously, the government does not care about our health.

Since the government does not care about our health, they are not imposing drastic restrictions to save us from COVID-19. They must have a hidden objective.

Government measures to date are overwhelmingly more restrictive than what is normal for a free society. It is clear there is more behind this alleged pandemic than what officials and the media are telling us. Trump’s COVID-19 task force, along with other teams across the world, must be colluding in some sort of fraud.

Mike Adams at Natural News alleges that coronavirus is so deadly the US government must impose nationwide martial law. To back this exaggerated claim, he presents data on the exponential spread of the disease. While the data may be accurate, Adams ignores the devastating impact of martial law on small businesses, on family finances, on our ability to get what we need to stay healthy, and on the future of our free-enterprise system. Adams also ignores the fact that no other cause of death, regardless of the fatality rate, has ever warranted violation of our constitutional rights, much less martial law.

Even if Adams’ worst predictions were true—that some 200,000 Americans might die of coronavirus, which is slightly more than the number who die in accidents of all kinds—the havoc martial law would wreak on our personal lives is incalculable. The current shutdown is akin to controlled demolition of our economic system, collapsing it in its footprint.

As the editorial board at the Wall Street Journal says, “If this government-ordered shutdown continues for much more than another week or two, the human cost of job losses and bankruptcies will exceed what most Americans imagine. . . . [F]ederal and state officials need to start adjusting their anti-virus strategy now to avoid an economic recession that will dwarf the harm from 2008-2009 …”

Ron Paul too has called the pandemic a hoax, as has Michael Thomas of State of the Nation.

The Pandemic Hoax

It certainly seems the pandemic is a hoax. Yet the nature and purpose of the hoax has yet to be discovered. There are many unanswered questions:

  • Is the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself a hoax?
  • If so, does it mean that all attributed deaths are due to other causes, such as hospital infections, flu, or pneumonia? (Ron Paul, and others believe the death statistics are inflated.)
  • If the deaths are due to other causes, how can the medical industry maintain such a lie?
  • Was SARS-CoV-2 virus bioengineered?
  • If engineered, was it by China or the United States?
  • Was coronavirus leaked in Wuhan deliberately?
  • Is the incitement of panic over the virus a hoax?
  • If the panic is a hoax, who orchestrated it and why?

The fatality rate for coronavirus (deaths per number of confirmed cases) is officially 2.5 to 5% worldwide. The daily toll is said to double about every five days. Yet the numbers remain negligible compared to deaths by other causes. Coronavirus death rate figures also may be inaccurate, depending on how many people are tested. The more that are tested, the lower the calculated death rate. If only those with symptoms are tested, the fatality figures will be higher than the true death rate. The fatality figures may also be inflated by deaths from other causes, since those that allegedly die from COVID-19 usually have pre-existing illness.

The most objective sample now known is the 3,500 mostly elderly passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, all of whom were tested. Only 20% tested positive, and only 1% of the latter died. That’s a death rate of 1% among the over 60 crowd. The flu, in comparison, has a death rate of 0.1% for all ages, but with a much higher death rate for the elderly. This suggests that coronavirus is not much more fatal than the flu, contrary to the official narrative.

The drastic measures imposed around the world to curb the spread of COVID-19 far exceed the norm for any other cause of death.

It seems clear that the panic is a hoax, conjured for some hidden purpose. So who orchestrated the pandemic and why? All major countries of the world and many smaller countries would have to be in collusion. If so many governments are involved, the hoax is not intended to promote narrow national interests such as removing President Trump from office or establishing a totalitarian rule in the US. Nor can the objective be to advance any one business, such as pharmaceutical industry.

To promote such a hoax on a global scale, the culprits would have to be the world’s most powerful people, whose interests extend beyond those of any single nation. Their agenda involves the whole planet.

The main impact of the alleged pandemic is the freezing of the world’s economy. Why would the global elite want to destroy the economic system?

One reason might be to implement an economic reset, as is the opinion of Sundance at Conservative Treehouse.2 Could Hillary’s 2016 loss have foiled the global elite’s plans for World War III? And was nuclear war to be the economic reset for a financial model that failed? World Wars have been fomented to end recessions before.

The second reason might be depopulation. Was the virus bio-engineered to exterminate vast numbers of people? Perhaps the virus was Plan B, in case nuclear war fell through.

Or maybe the virus was accidentally leaked from Wuhan’s bioengineering lab, causing panic among the elite, who then sparked this pandemic madness.

Another posible reason might be the global warming crisis. This is pure speculation, but the argument below is worth reviewing.

The earth’s average temperature in January and February 2020 were among the highest on record. Polar ice is melting faster than normal this season, and has released large deposits of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The loss of arctic ice also reduces the planet’s albedo, allowing greater absorption of heat from the sun.

Ice helps cool the ocean, like ice in a glass of tea. Once it has melted,  the liquid heats rapidly. Beyond a critical threshold, there will not be enough polar ice to keep the oceans cool, causing average earth temperatures to soar at an accelerated rate.

Geoengineering, a technology developed by the US and NATO to modify the earth’s atmosphere, may have the purpose of slowing global warming. Chemtrails—the lingering artificial jet trails carrying aluminum and other toxic particulates—could conceivably be utilized to increase the earth’s albedo. Suppose the chemtrail program has failed, and temperatures are rising in spite of geoengineering. Might the global elite try to halt the economy in an effort to save the planet?

This far-reaching hypothesis has no direct confirmation. Yet it explains the magnitude of wordwide panic and the unusual cooperation of governments around the globe.


The coronavirus will pass, and a great majority of us will survive. But what kind of world will we live in? Will we still have a free society? Or will we be subject to totalitarian rule?

Of course, the hoax might backfire on its perpetrators, with the nationalization of banks and a return to American sovereignty.


For interesting links and commentary on the coronavirus pandemic see:


  1. Wikipedia’s official coronavirus pandemic webpage is updated daily. The statistics shown above were as reported on March 28, 2020.
  2. Sundance, chief editor at Conservative Treehouse (March 23, 2020) updates us on the coronavirus hoax: “Nancy Pelosi’s legislative stunt [blocking the relief bill] has revealed that the coronavirus panic is likely a well coordinated political stunt. If it were as real as claimed, Pelosi wouldn’t have the time to organize a political spending scheme…. ergo, it’s more likely a planned hoax to bring the economy to a standstill and create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes, people are unfortunately sick, but the reality is shutting the U.S. economy for a prolonged period of time will likely kill more people than any virus.”



2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Pandemic: Are Extraordinary Measures Warranted?

  1. “I believe the virus is real and deadly. With a fatality rate of 2.5 to 5%, the daily death tally is said to double about every five days.” I’m crap with math myself – I have never had the opportunity to really learn it and apply it – but Del Bigtree (of “Vaxxed” fame) is very good with numbers. My first linked-to video in my next list of links and videos is by him. I highly recommend The Highwire.

    Here’s one way to look at the Big Pharma-funded (to a great extent) corporate media coverage of this manufactured crisis: replace “covid 19” with “flu.” When you do, you’ll see how crazy the authorities, including corporate media, are. If they were only crazy and not also dangerous, that would only be bad for them. Unfortunately, we are in in the process of losing, or sacrificing, freedom for promised and imagined security and will lose both. (I personally am absolutely not asking the war-making, bio-weapons-making State for security.)

    I enjoyed the above article and found it pretty informative. I also enjoyed your speculations Karl. Thanks for the plug!


    Posted by Arrby | March 23, 2020, 12:58 am

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