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Quemado Institute Changes Focus: The Dearth of Coherent Political Analysis

By Karl Pomeroy
Quemado Institute
April 10, 2016
Updated April 11, 2016

Donbass is the reason we care.

The river Seversky Donets. Donetsk region, Novorossia (--shutterstock)

Movement of clouds over the river Seversky Donets. Donetsk region, Novorossia (–shutterstock.com)

Since the advent of Donald Trump’s bold and influential presidential campaign, many of our best news and information sources have stopped producing coherent, well-thought-out commentaries, a disconcerting development. The dearth of truthful material has required that we update our main post less often. We have simply been unable to find good commentaries or consistent news reports that inspire our own analysis.

If this trend continues, our emphasis may gradually shift away from global politics and the Donbass war to modern physics, US elections, natural health, the environmental crisis, and other topics of interest.

Why has Donald Trump caused a dearth of consistent commentaries by preferred alternate news sources? This is a curious phenomenon. But it seems many of the best alternate websites had positioned themselves as anti-American. And since Trump is American, they are anti-Trump.

Illogical? Absolutely. Reactionary? Yes. We’ve contacted many of them and politely explained why Trump’s noninterventionist foreign policy is exactly what they’ve always said they wanted. Yet the editors of these sites often remain stubbornly blind to this simple causal connection.

Quemado Institute, in contrast, is pro-American but anti-neocon. We thus support Trump, who is also anti-neocon.

We continue to advocate friendship with Russia and independence for the Donbass Republics. We urge as well the strategic containment of China which—unlike Russia—has not relinquished the sovereign territories it invaded and seized during the twentieth century, namely Tibet and Xinjiang. Until it grants independence to these nations, China remains an enemy of global freedom.

There is another unfortunate factor in our decision to modify our focus. We discovered we have been subject to hard censorship—possibly by the CIA or NSA—traceable to the existence of our News from Novorossiya page. This page will soon be moved to our dedicated website Novorossiya Daily Sun. The format and content will be identical to what our readers are used to. [See https://novorossiyadailysun.wordpress.com/ ]

Update on Spoiled Editorials and the
Dearth of Coherence in Political Analysis

The phenomenon of political analysts spoiling their otherwise excellent editorials with obligatory and unfounded criticisms of Donald Trump has become so pervasive I will begin producing a list. It is almost as if the CIA, which controls most media outlets today, has mandated anti-Trump rhetoric in every political commentary, no matter how inappropriate it may be in the context of the author’s thesis. Is it any wonder Quemado Institute refuses to publish such nonsense? See for example:

Life Expectancy Gap between US Rich and Poor Widens, by Jerry white, Global Research, April 12, 2016. Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/life-expectancy-gap-between-us-rich-and-poor-widens/5519885

The Enemy Within: Terrorist Enablers on the Potomac, by Justin Raimondo, April 11, 2016
Source: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2016/04/10/enemy-within-terrorist-enablers-potomac/

Joining the Dots: Why the Establishment Hates Donald Trump, By Prof. John McMurtry, Global Research, April 05, 2016. Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/joining-the-dots-why-the-establishment-hates-donald-trump/5518526

Happy Birthday, NATO: It’s Time to Retire!, by Danielle Ryan, Ron Paul Institute, April 5, 2016. Source: http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2016/april/05/happy-birthday-nato-it-s-time-to-retire/

Donbass: The Reason We Care

In case any of our readers don’t understand why we care so much about electing Donald Trump, it has to do with all the people being killed in Donbass. Donbass is a region lying partly in southeast Ukraine and partly in the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, which formerly belonged to Ukraine. The people of Donetsk and Lugansk voted for their independence about two years ago, after the United States neocons instigated a violent coup that overthrew their Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich. That was the start of the civil war.

For the last two years, Ukrainian battalions have been repeatedly shelling Donbass civilians in their homes. During intense periods of the war, tens of civilians were being killed daily. We found that to be intolerable, and could not sit idly by, knowing about our own country’s involvement.

We have been working ever since to eliminate the cause behind the war, which we believe to be a cohort of American neocons, the CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy, NATO, and the European financial elite. Donald Trump, an anti-neocon, is the most likely among the US presidential candidates to withdraw US support for the Ukraine military effort, to initiate an alliance with Russia, and to disband NATO. He is thus our best hope for the future of the people of Donbass.


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