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Full EU Alternate Media Censorship: Europe Takes Lead over NATO, US – Janus Putkonen

The New Rising Threat: EU Information Blockade
By Janus Putkonen

DONi News
Edited by Karl Pomeroy
Conclusion by Quemado Institute
November 26, 2016

Janus Putkonen, Finnish journalist, Donetsk, August 2015

Janus Putkonen, Finnish journalist, Donetsk, August 2015

We are edging towards a full scale information and media war. Yes, you can still read this article in the territory of European Union, but for how long? Concerned international discussion has arisen during the past week on the EU draft resolution which was passed in the European parliament Wednesday.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, warned that “if the EU begins censoring Russian media, then we will of course take measures in response”. Her warning is based on the EU report, which was voted in favor on Wednesday: the EU strategic communication to counteract propaganda against it by third parties.

The European Parliament voted on a non-legislative resolution which urges the EU to “respond to information warfare by Russia,” with RT and Sputnik news agencies branded the most dangerous “tools” of “hostile propaganda.” Zakharova branded the document as “paranoia” and part of “the ongoing demonization of Russia,” adding that it is filled with “made-up messages, myths,” and reflects “the ideology which has been cultivated towards Russia recently.”

“It is irresponsible to equate Russian media organizations with terrorist groups such as Islamic State. It is irresponsible to mix up Russian media with Kremlin-controlled media,” said Ricardo Gutierrez, General Secretary of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), describing the tone of the document as “worrying” and reminiscent of “the Cold War climate.”

Basically situation is that the EU is accusing the Russian media of what the European media always does, as Sputnik wrote earlier this week. But why now?

The EU is in middle of large scale militarization against Russia and its allies. Just last Tuesday, the EU parliament voted in favor of creating a new EU Army, which can take the lead in the battlefield over NATO. On Thursday, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko sat in top level meetings with the EU leadership, and there were no demands for Ukrainian troops to cease fire in the only war in Europe.

The Donetsk People’s Republic has been shelled by Kiev forces over 6,000 times in the past week, but this does not cause any concern for the politicians in the European Union, who openly favor the “success of Ukraine”. It certainly starts to look as if the EU is involved in a very dangerous process of taking the lead over NATO and the USA in military actions against the Russian world.

Rising threat: The Building of the EU Information Blockade

What we can see from the very hostile draft resolution is that so called “third parties” are being labeled as enemies of the European Union and its “liberal democratic values”. There is a rising demand that EU should protect its borders from these third parties, meaning that only pro-EU mainstream media and western controlled liberal journalists should be allowed to deliver information from abroad to the citizens of European Union.

Russia and most of it’s key allies, those countries supporting the idea of world multipolarism against globalist demands for a world hegemony, are already targets in the Western information war, through economic sanctions and different kinds of blockades, as in Syria and the Donbass people’s republics.

In principle, everything that opposes EU federalism is labeled “Putinism”, and Russians living in EU-countries as dual citizens are in great danger of being labeled as spies and national threats, as happened this week in Finland.

So, whatever opposes “Western liberal democracy”, such as patriotism and the demand for nations’ rights to their independence, is a threat to the globalist western centralized power structure, which prefers full control over the whole western population. As they say, “first comes information, then comes action”.

According to the new EU communications strategy, the EU is demanding full control over information produced abroad, so that allthe actions that result will be directed by them and only by them. At the same time, preparations to blacklist all oposing journalists have already begun, and new NATO-led Hybrid War Centers have been established in many European locations.

The control of “hostile propaganda” produced abroad by third parties

Here in the City of Donetsk, which is defending and resisting Western backed Ukrainian occupation, we can easily see from the new EU communications strategy that a new kind of great wall, the EU information blockade, is emerging in cyber space. They want to block us from the internet, social media and web communities.

It’s obvious that the hostile globalist idea is to do everything possible to separate us from each other, to block our connection and cut our information channels, so that you will not know anymore what is really happening here in the conflict zone between the East and West. The truth is what they are most afraid of, and Russia with its allies in defense, like those of us here in the Donbass People’s Republic, are giving you just that.

What is threatening the world is the new EU wall of censorship, which is proposed not only between the EU and Russia, but all around the West. Propaganda can be used in many ways, and one of the most effective ways is silence: What every wall creates, when built thick and high enough, is silence. All the things you don’t know about won’t have any affect on you.

Certainly those anti-Globalist “third parties”, who are offering something other than the “liberal democratic” view of world events, exist in EU territory as well, but because of the need to maintain the illusion of western freedom of speech, the EU elite can do little at the moment to silence the Western alternative media sources. But dont be surprised when that happens, when future steps are taken to control all public discussion.

What the EU elite thinks they can do is silence all the main information sources with challenging views, and by doing that, at least limit the process of mass awakening among the Western population. We can expect by the end of 2017 a growing list of blocked websites from countries like Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Syria and China. We at DONi News will certainly also be blamed for “Russian propaganda”, even though we are a factually independent news agency in free Donbass. I am expecting huge challenges from EU aggression.

Generally the situation in the West today is that the official lies are already too big to protect, and as the people in the West have started to wake up in masses, the small ruling elite has started to become very afraid of us. So, they need this new wall to protect their greedy geopolitical goals, and themselves. The European Union is just the elite’s tool in their efforts to take back full control of the population: Keep slaves as sheeps.

Full EU information blockade is very possible

If Western people do not start to react in masses now and stand up bravely against hostile EU media policies, the full information blockade between the East and West will certainly come into force.

The EU has promoted for years the need for a tough response to what it calls the “Russia’s information war,” yet has done nothing in past years to condemn the wide scale censorship of Russian media in Ukraine—the real hostilities in the information war. In EU territory we have already seen harsh censorship actions, such as happened in Latvia and Lithuania.

These hostilities in the media war are just the beginning, and we will soon see more if the trend continues.

If you have ever travelled in Thailand, you may have seen how some websites are simply blocked with the official announcement: “This site is blocked by security officials, for your own safety”. So there are no technical problems involved in banning and blocking anything on the internet; it is just policy that keep our knowlege growing.

In other words, the only thing that keeps the western globalist elite from implementing full sensorship against independent and opposing media sources—taking full advantage of that to promote their own interests through all channels—is your personal resistance and your demand to have the right to balanced views and multipolarized information—the right to have your own opinions.

In the fight against the rising EU information blockade, we the people in East and West are all in the same side, and our main weapon is the truth, something we all deserve.

Link to the EU Communication Strategy draft resolution:



Janus Putkonen is a Finnish journalist who moved to Donetsk, Donetsk People’s Republic, Novorossiya (formerly part of eastern Ukraine) in August 2015 to establish DONi Press, a non-biased English-language news agency reporting events in the embattled Donbass region. For more on Putkonen’s background, see Janus Putkonen: Finnish Journalist Returns to Donbass.

[This article has been edited only to correct the translation. The original content has not been changed. –Karl Pomeroy]

Quemado Institute Conclusion

Janus Putkonen has written a landmark commentary from inside independent Donetsk—epicenter of the Western elite’s hot war against Russia and the Russian sphere.  Ominously, Putkonen suggests that, as a result of Trump’s election and his reluctance to involve the US in NATO and European affairs, the EU will begin taking steps against Russia on its own. These defiant toddler steps might be even more drastic than those taken under US guidance.

An unexpected turn of events, this scenario may not be entirely surprising, given that the New World Order financial cartel largely resides in Europe. Indeed, 53% of the Executive Board of the Trilateral Commission, an arm of the NWO establishment, is based in Europe, while only 24% operate in the U.S. (See Europe-Dominated Ruling Elite: US Dictatorship and the Anti-Russian Campaign.)



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