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Yellow Vest Protests: France Rejects New World Order Globalists

People Demand Nationalism, Exit from EU, and the Ousting of Ex-Rothschild Banker Emanual Macron
OPINION by Karl Pomeroy

Quemado Institute
December 14, 2018
Last update January 17, 2019 [See videos at end]
[For brevity my opinion is stated as fact, yet no opinion is final.]

Introduction: The Global Picture

Paris 2018

It seems heartless to rejoice when others are fighting your battle for you. Especially when they face violence and oppression. Yet it is almost inhuman to refrain from rejoicing, when the fate of the human race is at stake.

I struggled during the Donbass War with my own inclination to rejoice that the proud people of Donetsk and Lugansk were fighting on the main front of the Western World—fighting a battle for freedom from the New-World-Order One-World-Government globalist financial elite, as manifest in the US-EU-instigated coup regime in Kiev led by ruthless warhawk Petro Poroshenko.

Now I find myself unable to refrain from rejoicing that the French have taken to the streets of Paris to rebel against the New World Order establishment that lurks in the heart of Europe.

Click for VIDEO: What You’re Not Being Told About The Yellow Vest’s in Paris – by (Dec 9, 2018). In this video, Luke takes to the streets of Paris France where there is a feeling in the air something BIG is about to happen.

Yet the violence against unarmed Yellow Vest protesters by the police—many of whom, witnesses claim, are German or EU rather than French officers—is a sobering reminder that fighting oppression is never easy. I recommend this video that puts us, the viewers, on the Paris streets to see for ourselves the mayhem, and to sense the fear, anger and injustice endured by the French people.

How signficant is the Yellow Vest movement?

These protests impact not just France, but the power structure of the entire Western world. Don’t be fooled by justifiably rabid anti-American journalists, who imply the deep state is a uniquely American phenomenon. The deep state is just as much European if not moreso, as is clear from the composition of the NWO Trilateral Commission Executive Board, 53% of whose 68 members are in Europe, with only 20% in the US. And this is part of the good news. The French rebellion is taking place right at the foot of the castle steps of the Western banking elite, and the NWO globalists, along with their puppet, Emmanuel Macron, are running scared.

Unlike the Soros-funded mock protests in the United States, where globalist-owned media misportray Trump as a dangerous fascist, the French are revolting against the true fascists—the globalists themselves. Indeed, fascism—or authoritarian rule by a partnership of government and business—manifests today as transnational corporate dictatorship. Nowhere is this more evident than in the unelected leadership of the European Union.

Macron establishes totalitarian France

French President Emmanual Macron, in response to what many claim was a false-flag shooting in Strasbourg designed to distract from the Yellow Vest movement, has declared a state of emergency. According to alternate news site Daily Crusader, the restrictions this imposes harken to those of a totalitarian state:

Emmanuel Macron, French President, Announces Totalitarian State On Live Television!
Daily Crusader, December 10, 2018

Macron delivers address on December 10, 2018 (–Daily Crusader)

PARIS, France – Macron gave a speech on live television today announcing a State of Emergency. Legally, this entails the following: Anyone can be incarcerated preventatively, for no reasons, with no court appearances, for no maximum or minimum time. Any “suspicious items,” such as shaded glasses, protective helmets, or masks, without legitimate purpose can be grounds to send you to jail. No more than 5 cars in a convoy allowed, even for weddings and funerals. No more allocation of resources for the poor. Police allowed to shoot live ammunition on anyone wearing a yellow vest. “Hate speech” will land you in prison with no due process. People walking on the street with no ID can be incarcerated with no court appearances, for no maximum or minimum time. Government can shut down ANY network/internet/radio stations/television stations, for “security issues,” on request. DAILY CRUSADER STANDS WITH THE PROTESTERS OPPOSED TO PRESIDENT ROTHSCHILD! [See VIDEO at Daily Crusader>>]


Daily Crusader gives more details on the Strasbourg false flag:

“The recent revelations that Macron may have ordered a Mossad false flag on his own French citizens, coupled with the alleged fact that his forces have been using CHEMICAL WEAPONS on his people, draw parallels to similar but debunked claims concerning Bashar al-Assad. It should be noted, however, that Assad did nothing wrong as was proven by Russian ground forces chemical analysis of the so called ‘attack’ areas; while Macron is flagrantly violating all morals and ethics that Western society is based on in his attacks on peaceful civilian protestors, journalists, and even lawyers assisting the Gilet Jaunes. . . .”

Curious about who publishes Daily Crusader, I contacted the Chief Editor and received this reply:

We are located in DC. We have reporters all over the globe. We are a loose network of friends bound to a common cause: exposing the lies of fake news, advancing the cause of Western society and civilization in all Western nations, and protecting Western civilization from all external threats, including Islam and Zionism. As to the wall, we want Trump to build it, no matter the cost.

Doom for the Macron Presidency

Click to enlarge. (–The Millennium Report)

More websites than ever today are revealing the big picture and unifying behind a common cause. Another profound news site, The Millennium Report, predicts doom for the Macron presidency.

In their December 9, 2018 article entitled Second French Revolution: Macron’s Tyrannical Reign Is Finally Over—Emmanual Macron, A Rothschild Plant Whose Election Was Stolen, Morphs Into Humpty Dumpty, they paint a hopeful, if cataclysmic, picture:

“This unrelenting Parisian protest is fundamentally a people-powered, grass-roots driven movement that will not tolerate any more Rothschild puppets governing them. In fact, the explosion of emotion on the Champs-Élysées is the result of the numerous offenses committed by the globalists against the French people over many decades. . . . For their part, the French people have finally had enough of this oppressive “tax and spend” scam in the same way that the subjects of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were pushed to do a French Revolution 1.0. (French Revolution 2.0 is occurring at this very moment.) No one does it like the French when it comes to torching Paris; even Hitler was ever-so-respectful of the City of Light during the WW2 occupation. The whole world is now witnessing the authentic ire of the French people. . . . All the hard evidence points directly to a stolen presidential election in 2017. Marine Le Pen had all the momentum going her way, especially with the wind at her back blowing from a successful Brexit and victory for nationalist Donald Trump. Again, the French are not stupid and knew full well that Macron & Company (i.e. Rothschild Crime Syndicate) outright stole his election.” [Read more (substantial analysis at source)>>]

What the French and the world are saying

Paris 2018

Vocal European observers tell the story on Twitter. The elite’s choice of Rothschild-linked Macron as the favored French presidential candidate has backfired. Apparently the globalists miscalculated, recklessly exposing the Rothschild connection.

A brief look at Twitter, using the search words Paris and Macron, reveals an overwhelming majority who favor nationalism, Frexit, an end to Macron’s presidency and freedom from fascist corporate rule. Many perceive the French riots as the start of a broader revolution.

Mike Allen: “Europe is on the brink of a working class revolution against globalist governments. It’s surprising how easily the fuel tax protests from France could spread to Belgium and the Netherlands. Vive la Révolution!”

Tweets another: “The red lights of history are flashing. 100 yrs since Armistice, 80 since Munich & Kristallnacht, 50 since MLK,RFK & Paris. Never repeating but rhymes…”

Fereshteh Mozaffari: “France is giving birth to another rebolution. Post-post modernist this time. Macron will lose the battle. Him with his stupid anti-riot police.”

Mike Allen: “Journalist warns Macron crisis could lead to right-wing takeover of Europe. 72% support yellow vest movement. Do you hope it works?” Carole Noff replies, “Yes! They have seen the light. They no longer want the UN puppet Macron, Globalism and Socialism.”

Collette: “Paris yellow vest demonstrations are about the poor being exploited by the rich. It is History repeating itself!”

Click for VIDEO: Paris Train Station Overwhelmed With Migrants, by Lauren Southern, Jul 16, 2017

The unmitigated influx of  refugees—as many as 100 per day at some stations in Paris (see video at right)—is a common complaint:

WB Bayard: “Obama, Merkel and Macron are traitors to the world They support and allow islamic invaders into countries against its citizens’ will. These invaders and the Globalists that support them must be purged from the planet This hateful Globalism must end now.

Kathy: “OMG! Paris is being destroyed right before our eyes! We can not let this happen here! This is globalism folks! Let all the refugees in who have no intention of assimilating to our way of life.Let’s spend all our money to support them so our taxes go sky high and our country collapses.”

Hostility rages toward the globalists and French President Emmanuel Macron:

PaddyKajinski: “Protesting against the imposition of taxes to enrich globalists. Macron should be guillotined like the rest of the globalists.”

Pippin & Ollie’s Pupdate: “Take a leaf out of Frances book and revolt; at this very moment they are in the streets revolting against Macron.”

Tom Haeg‏: “Macron is on the ropes and that’s not good news for opponents of Trump-style populism.”

KaNe‏ [retorting to a mainstream media figure]: “Hey Justin. You may want to call Macron and ask how taxing the hell out of the people is working out. You globalist’s are so out of touch with the common folk.”

Richard D. Deplorable: “Someone needs to put Macron in the mud. He is an idiot puppet of the globalists and the climate change nut jobs.”

Trump’s America: “While France BURNS, Macron gives 20 million dollars to Islamic terrorists.”

The Rothschild connection is now exposed:

Sgause: “Macron is married into the richest family on planet Earth… Rothschild… His wife is the daughter… Globalism, Climate crap, and many other BS is all designed to make them even richer… Not a day goes by without their bank accounts expanding!!!”

As Always People over Party: “Macron was literally a Rothschild banker.”

Others report brutal EU or German police in Paris.

Bill Dargel: “Last week the French police were taking off their riot gear and standing in solidarity with the French people. Where did Emanuel Macron get all the new militarized police back up from? I hope the UN is not involved in this.”

Ajattelijat : “Armoured vehicles bearing EU flag storm Paris in sign European Army already created.”

Diane Borkowski‏: “The French police refused to hurt the people, so macron brought in troops from the eu and un; they are trying to hurt the protesters!!!!”

THETRUMPTRUTHTRAIN – IM THE NRA‏: “I fear the EU army that Macron and Merkel want to create is not to defend the EU from the world, but to use against their citizens should they revolt.”

BringBackCovfefe: “Yellow jacket protest movement has spread to Belgium and the Netherlands. Evidently those scary EU tanks that rumbled into Paris yesterday didn’t impress the People enough to stop this uprising against the fascist intentions of EU.”

Police violence is a volatile topic not reported by the MSM. “The cops [aren’t totalitarian fascists]. They got their orders from Macron to brutally suppress protests. It is Macron’s neomarxist government that are totalitarian fascists. I have seen ISIS videos that looked like what was done to these kids. And I do not find it acceptable. Macron will pay!”

Protect Labor Unions: “Macron gassing his own people in #YellowVests while arming extremist rebels in Syria.”

US President Donald Trump put in his own two cents, gloating that he was smart enough to avoid Macron’s fate. And predictably, according to a VIN News Paris headline: “French Official Says Trump Should Keep Quiet”.

YellowRose1776: “France asks Trump to stop ‘meddling’ in its domestic affairs. It’s amazing that a couple of tweets by @realDonaldTrump has France’s govt in a tailspin. But by all means its ok for @EmmanuelMacron to give a speech ripping Trump’s nationalism.”

Rose: “Don’t interfere with us unless we need your military protection, money, allegiance & anything else we can get from you! Macron your policies are FAILING! France Accuses Trump of Interfering in its Politics as ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Rage.

Deplorables in America gloat as well.

Kris [retweeting Lisa Mei Crowley]: “The French people see America with a real leader, who Is making our nation great. They want France to be great, and that will never happen with globalist Macron at the helm.”

And naturally, Russia is blamed:

Patrick Henningsen [retweeting Michael Bociurkiw of OSCE and MH17 fame]: “BEHOLD: the pure genius of the Russiaphobe Savant who can spin MSM shortcomings into a ‘Kremlin Plot!’ with the stroke of the keyboard. Truth: MSM Legacy Media ignoring #YellowVests in Paris. Russiaphobe Savant: Putin is driving French unrest by live streaming protests!”

Update December 30, 2018 – Yellow Vest in Canada:

Yellow Vest Gives Fiery Speech Against Trudeau, UN
Trudeau Has No Right To Give Away Canada

Click for VIDEO
By Jerry Eldred – Published on Dec 30, 2018
“May the fires of revolution send into action all Canadians who want to keep their country.”

Update January 17, 2019:

A Call To Battle – Beautiful Music – Watch!

Click for VIDEO.

When the government makes your life a nightmare, you’re living under tyranny. –Karl Pomeroy

Update January 7, 2019:

Fresh Yellow Vest Protests in Paris (streamed live)
RT – Streamed live Jan 5, 2019 (8 hrs 15 min)

Click for VIDEO
Rejoice in the Spirit of the French!
People dressed in yellow vests are continuing their anti-government protest in Paris for the eighth weekend in a row. The Yellow Vest movement emerged spontaneously in November after French President Emmanuel Macron announced controversial hikes in fuel prices to encourage a transition towards greener energy.


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