Syria, Western Intervention

The Role of NGO’s in Regime Change and Military Interventionism – Vanessa Beeley (VIDEO)

NGO’s and Terrorists Play Good Cop-Bad Cop Role
in Western Imperialist Agenda
Conclusion by Kennedy Applebaum
Quemado Institute
October 8, 2016

Vanessa Beeley

Vanessa Beeley


We live in a world governed by propaganda.

Vanessa Beeley explains, in this 1 hour 12 minute VIDEO, the role of so-called humanitarian NGO’s as spearheads of violent US-EU-NATO intervention in sovereign countries such as Libya, Syria, and Yemen, and the devastation that results from the misuse by the deep state of our natural human compassion.




Preliminary Remarks
By Vanessa Beeley

The NGO Soft Power Complex:
Humanitarians or “Executioners”?

We live in a world governed by propaganda where the majority of media mouthpieces are gagged by those who own them and only permitted to release information that serves the narrative of the ruling elite or Imperialist powers.

We know that our governments lie. We know that our media channels lie. We search for integrity and truth among the rubble of propaganda. We want to pin our hopes on a power for “good”.

So what does the machine create? It creates a power for good in its own image. It creates the Non Government Organisations, the Not for Profit Industrial Compex [NPIC] to give us the illusion, not only of this power for good, but of our own empowerment, our own stakeholding in reducing the misery being inflicted upon Humanity.

The problem reveals itself when we consider who does actually fund & create these flagships of philanthropy. The problem lies with the foundations and government think tanks who have their hands firmly on the helm and direct the ship where they want it to go. Do we really believe that these funders, donors and backers will sail the ship into waters where they risk capsizing their own objectives?

In this role and dependant upon their donor support, NGOs cease to be the neutral, unbiased ‘humanitarian’ organisations they publically purport to be, and instead become actual covert tools for foreign intervention and regime change. By default, they are assimilated into the Western modus vivendi of “waging war by way of deception” and their purpose is to alter public perception of a conflict via a multitude of media and “marketing” channels.

My focus will be on Syria to demonstrate the blueprint used by the Axis of Interventionism and “regime change” to create a two headed coin of destruction. On the one side is their own Frankenstein monster with its unique market branding: Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Khorasan and on the other side, supposedly pitted against all form of brutality and evil authoritarianism is the ubiquitous NGO, in situ despite all risk to themselves to “save all Humanity from the evil regime”.

I will demonstrate that when the “soft power” missionary complex is in the same hands as the “hard power industrial/military” complex…they are two sides of the same coin..overtly opposing and covertly combining to achieve Imperialist aims in any given target region or nation. The NGO complex is THE most insidious tool of empire and arguably the most damaging.

“Syria is one of the biggest propaganda schemes of our time. When the dust settles, if it does, it will be revealed” – Professor AbuKhalil


Syria: White Helmets Exposed

Click for VIDEO.


VIDEO Highlights (Quemado Institute)

Terrorism and “humanitarian” NGO’s are flip sides of the same coin used by the Western deep state for imperial hegemony. NGO’s act as scouts and spies in interventionist strategies, going into foreign countires ahead of the military like a Trojan Horse. NGO’s in Palestine, funded by NATO and other Western governments, help the Zionists of Israel who illegally occupy Palestinian lands and brutalize the Palestinian people. In Syria, what they’re asking for is a no-fly zone, while Libya is now a failed state because no-fly zones allowed NATO and US planes to enter, all brought about by the lies in Benghazi. NGO’s work as infiltration agencies to go in and determine who has the power and psychologically pressure the resistance to implement change against the existing power. NGO’s have spearheaded the destruction of the self-sustaining culture in Haiti and facilitated the use of cluster munitions against civilians in Yemen. George Soros has been involved in the decimation of Syria, putting $20 billion in for the regime change operation. We live in a world governed by the powerful and the greedy who have no compassion.


Quemado Institute Impressions
By Kennedy Applebaum

Please watch the video before reading my notes to form your own impression first.

The video features Vanessa Beeley discussing her own insights about the war machine of the global elite and how it functions in ways that often escape our conscious understanding. What struck me most about this miraculous woman’s presentation was how she has managed to analyze the psychological mechanisms underlying US-NATO regime-change interventionist operations.

All of us, as Beeley points out, want to help make things better in the world. And the global elite, through the NGO’s—which are non-governmental organizations nevertheless funded by Western governments—draw us in emotionally in such a way as to assist the neoconservatives in their war-is-peace agenda. One of the reasons Beeley’s line of thinking is so effective is that she forgives us all for wanting to help. The problem is that when sympathetic well-meaning people donate to NGO’s, they are unwittingly funding the Western war machine that is fueling the dirtiest war in history now in Syria, among other atrocities. It is our very desire to do good that is being exploited.

The primary goal of Quemado Institute and many commentators in the alternate media is to end war and create a world of peace in which peoples, nations and cultures are locally self-determining. The global elite is thoroughly antagonistic to this goal. They are therefore the enemy. But as Vanessa’s forgiving attitude might suggest, it is likely that even the global elite, on some deep psychological level, are trying to create good in some form, albeit with an Orwellian-magnitude twist (war is peace).

We can’t attempt to stop the global elite through violent means. This is of course out of the question. It is not only ineffective, it would essentially create more of the very problem of human conflict we are trying to eliminate.

We therefore must nullify the ill deeds of the global elite through words. The honing of words is the operation we are performing. Every alternative media analyst, commentator, or indeed every reader posting comments to websites like The Saker, Moon of Alabama, Information Clearing House, Sputnik, Fort Russ and others, are contributing to the formulation of the ultimate words that will stop the inhumane actions of the global elite. None of us are just “fooling around on the internet.” Quite the opposite. We are fashioning, through a slow iterative process, precisely those words that will have the most power against the enemy war-seekers.

Vanessa Beeley has achieved a tremendous forward leap in this on-going endeavor of creating just those words and ideas that will reach the inner psyche’s of the neoconservative globalists who are currently destroying peace in the world. Beeley’s underlying attitude of forgiveness, while never failing to lay blame in the right places, is a combination that brings us closer to the goal.


Personal Biography
By Vanessa Beeley

I am a writer, photographer, peace activist and investigative journalist.

Daughter of Sir Harold Beeley K.C.M.G  C.B.E.  Middle Eastern Advisor to Ernest Bevin and Special Envoy to Cairo during both Suez Crises.

Originally from a Corporate, Marketing background working predominantly in the Engineering and Plastics Recycling sector in UK and Central Europe.

Most of my time from 2012 onwards has been spent in the Middle East or working with the Middle East..I was in Gaza during the Israeli offensive Operation Pillar of Defence in 2012 and went back to live in Gaza in 2013, until I had to return to France.

 I launched the Facebook page, The Wall Will Fall and my blog    to publish my photographs and articles on life in the Gaza strip. The idea behind the page and The Wall Will Fall was to raise awareness but also to convey the idea that through education, awareness and the development of our own consciousness we can bring down all walls that keep us in ignorance and far from the Truth. The popularity of the page grew exponentially and myself and other contributors are often asked to participate in televised debates on the situation in Palestine, Syria and the Middle East.

I am a member of the steering committee of the Syria Solidarity Movement International

I am a volunteer with the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine.

I am a regular contributor to 21st Century Wire.

Press TV

UK Column:

Greanville Post

The London Journal

Dissident Voice

Ron Paul Institute


Al Mayadeen [Lebanon TV]

Al Manar



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