Global Financial Elite, Western Intervention, World War III

Busted: Jig Is Up for New World Order

One World Government Not in the Cards
By Karl Pomeroy

Quemado Institute
October 29, 2016

World takeover by military force

slavoct29-16zThe military phase of global takeover by the New World Order cartel has been in full swing since 9/11. Prior to that coordinated attack, the One World Government gang, sometimes known as the Western Aristocracy, Ruling Elite or Corporate Establishment, worked primarily in the spheres of financial manipulation, covert operations, and persuasive indoctrination. Since entering the overt military phase, the elite has orchestrated pervasive coups and wars in South America, North Africa, Ukraine and the Middle East.

They now speak openly of “regime change” in Russia, as reported by analysts Diana Johnstone (Hillary Clinton’s Strategic Ambition In A Nutshell: Regime Change in Russia, Putin an Obstacle) and Robert Parry (Key Neocon Calls on US to Oust Putin). The goal is full world takeover and the establishment of a One World Government.

Destruction as a tool

Why do they use wars and coups? Take a simple analogy. To build a skyscraper on occupied land, it is first necessary to demolish the existing structures. The elite is now conducting global demolition—destroying nations, borders, infrastructure, governments, social institutions, cultures and societies. Through this demolition process, they are creating a clean slate, a tabla rasa or power vacuum, on which their One World Government can be built.

Global destruction is not a by-product of misguided foreign policy. On the contrary, it is an intermediate objective on the way to the goal of total world domination.

Why did it take so long for the rest of us to catch on?

Well, it took a while before Europe caught on to Hitler, and by the time they did, it was almost too late. Another analogy helps makes the point. In the card game Hearts, there is a winning maneuver called Shooting the Moon in which a player surrepticiously takes all the spades. They player must conceal their intentions until all the spades are accounted for. Hitler was essentially shooting the moon, and had most of the spades before Europe caught on. The elite is shooting the moon today, and the rest of us are only now catching on.

Three aspects of takeover operation

There are three main aspects to the New World Order takeover: perpetrators, strategy, and tactics. Three geopolitical analysts stand out in my mind, each for their grasp of one aspect, although all of them analyze all three aspects. In three landmark articles, John McMurty (Brilliant Identification of the Source of World Trauma: The Final Word) exposes the perpetrators. Joachim Hagopian (Ruling Elite Seeks One World Government, Hillary a Puppet) reveals the strategy, and Vanessa Beeley (The Role of NGO’s in Regime Change and Military Interventionism) outlines the tactics.

  • The perpetrators are by now well known. They include the bankers, the Western financial establishment, and the European and American aristocracy. Organizations they work under include the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. Prominent names are the Rothschilds, George Soros, the Rockefellers, and the Bushes. The governments of the U.S. and Europe are puppets, as are the Clintons. It is a misconception that this is a U.S. operation. Fifty-three per cent of the 68 Trilateral Commission Executive Board members, for example, are located in Europe, with only 21% of them based in the U.S. This can be confirmed at their official website
  • The strategy is to first create full global chaos and destruction.  This is the demolition process, now being carried out in the military phase under the guise of globalization. In the Western hemisphere, this means eradication of all borders, full violation of all rules of government, the annihilation of democracy on both continents, the establishment of police states, the introduction of terrorist collaberators at the highest levels of government as well as in the general population, and the neutralization of all national and cultural identities. In Ukraine, North Africa and the Middle East, this means all out war, involving civilian massacres, devastation of infrastructure, and the release into Europe of vast, culturally incompatible populations. The elite is taking over the world by force.
  • The tactics include securing public acquiescence through massive indoctrination and persuasion under the guises of globalization, promotion of democracy, and humanitarian missions. As Vanessa Beeley points out, the implementors of these tactics are the non-governmental organizations or NGO’s. The architects of indoctrination are largely think tanks, the Bilderberg group, and other wings of the New World Order.

Where are we now?

Suddenly in the past two years, an awareness that the New World Order gang is taking over the world has become prevalent among the general population. Considered “Conspiracy Theory” until very recently, this fact is now widely known. It has spread like wild fire.

Hillary Clinton’s rise to the Presidential nomination represents the New World Order’s aggressive takeover of the United States. Donald Trump is standing like a man in front of a train, trying to stop it. With popular awareness this high, a major confrontation is inevitable.

We appear to be on the verge this confrontation.



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