Liberalism’s Hypocrisy: A Case Study of the American Senator Bernie Sanders

By Alexander Azadgan

April 22, 2019
Posted Quemado Institute
May 16, 2019

American Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders (–Katehon)

So you still believe Bernie Sanders (the 2016 and now the 2020 presidential candidate) is an anti-establishment anti-war politician?

1. He voted in favor of use of force (euphemism for bombing) twelve sovereign nations that never represented a threat to the U.S.: 1) Afghanistan; 2) Lebanon; 3) Libya; 4) Palestine; 5) Somalia; 6) Syria; 7) Yemen; 8) Yugoslavia; 9) Haiti; 10) Liberia; 11) Zaire (Congo); 12) Sudan

2. He has accepted campaign money from Defense contractor Raytheon, a defense contractor, he continues his undying support of the $1.5 trillion F-35 industry and said that predator drones “have done some very good things”. Sanders has always voted in favor of awarding more corporate welfare for the military industrial complex – and even if he says he’s against a particular war he ends up voting in favor of funding it.

3. He routinely backs appropriations for imperial wars, the corporate scam of Obamacare, wholesale surveillance and bloated defense budgets. He loves to bluster about corporate welfare and big banks but he voted for funding the Commodity Futures “Modernization” Act which deregulated commercial banks and created an “unregulated market in derivatives and swaps” which was the major contributor to the 2007 economic crisis.

4. Regardless of calling himself an “independent”, Sanders is a member of the Democratic caucus and votes 98% of the time with the Democrats and votes in the exact same way as war criminal Hillary Clinton 93% of the time. Sanders campaigned for Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential race and again in 1996—after Clinton had rammed through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), vastly expanded the system of mass incarceration and destroyed welfare.

5. The sheepdog is a card the Democratic Party plays when there’s no White House Democrat running for re-election. The sheepdog is a presidential candidate running ostensibly to the left of the establishment Democrat to whom the billionaires will award the nomination. Sheepdogs are herders,…. charged with herding activists and voters back into the Democratic fold who might otherwise drift leftward and outside of the Democratic Party, either staying home. In 2004 he called on Ralph Nader to abandon his presidential campaign.

The Democratic Party has played this “sheep dog” card at least 7-8 times in the past utilizing collaborators such as Eugene McCarthy in 1968, Jesse Jackson in 1984 and 1988, Jerry Brown in 1992, Al Sharpton in 2000, Howard Dean in 2004, Dennis Kucinich in 2008 and in 2016 was Bernie Sanders’ turn.

6. Regardless of calling himself a “socialist” he labeled the late Hugo Chávez, architect of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela responsible for lifting millions of lives out of poverty “a dead communist dictator.” Then he saddled up for a photo op with Evo Morales at the Vatican and also voted to extradite former Black Panther member, Assata Shakur.

7. He refers to ISIS’ godfather and warmonger extraordinaire John McCain as “my friend and a very, very decent person.”

8. He routinely parrots the DNC lines: “the Russians hacked our elections” despite there is no evidence of such hacking, but lowered his head and tucked tail when the DNC actually rigged the primary elections against him, proving he is more loyal to the Democratic (war) Party than to the millions of people who supported him and donated to his fraudulent campaign.

9. He expressed staunch support for the aid of violently right-wing separatist forces such as the self-styled Kosovo Liberation Army, whose members were trained as Mujahideen, during Clinton’s 100-day bombing of Yugoslavia and Kosovo in 1999. He has an extensive record of supporting jihadist proxies for the overthrow of sovereign governments in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

10. He supported Bill Clinton’s sanctions against Iraq, sanctions that prohibited medicines for infants and children…more than 500,000 innocents killed for no other reason than that they were Iraqi.

11. He said yes in a voice vote to the Clinton-era crime Bill, the Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which expanded the death penalty to cover 60 offenses. So he is obviously pro-death penalty.

12. In the 2016 elections, he betrayed millions of people that believed in him when after making the central point of his campaign the fight against Wall Street he instructed his followers to vote for Wall Street’s candidate, war criminal/corporate criminal Hillary Clinton.

You cannot be committed to “fight Wall Street” and abruptly endorse the Wall Street candidate.

If you were to do this with a car transmission, you’d strip your gears – this is why it baffles me when people speak of him in tones of reverence and awe.


Perennial Persecution of Russia: Gun Activist Maria Butina Sentenced to 18 Months for No Crime Because She’s Russian

US court sentences Russian gun activist Maria Butina to 18 months in jail

State of the Nation (Rt.com)
April 28, 2019

Maria Butina

Maria Butina, a Russian gun-rights activist accused of spying for the Kremlin, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison by a Washington DC judge. Butina will be deported to Russia after serving her sentence. Before the sentencing hearing on Friday, Butina asked the judge for leniency. “My parents discovered my arrest on the morning news they watch in their rural house in a Siberian village,” she told the court. “I love them dearly, but I harmed them morally and financially. They are suffering from all of that. I destroyed my own life as well. I came to the United States not under any orders, but with hope, and now nothing remains but penitence.” Butina traveled to the US on a student visa in 2016 and became active in pro-gun circles. Swept up in the hunt for “Russian agents” in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election, she was accused of working with the Russian government to make inroads with the Republican Party and National Rifle Association. Moscow has rubbished the notion of having any connection to her. Her nine months already served in prison will count towards her 18 month sentence. During her time in jail, Butina alleged she was treated unnecessarily harshly, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov saying her conditions were “normally reserved for dangerous repeat offenders.” Since her arrest in July of last year, much of the mainstream media ran story after story alleging Butina was a spy who sought to ingratiate herself into the US establishment, and even offered sex in exchange for influence. Her lawyer, Robert Driscoll, told reporters on Friday that Butina was arrested and smeared for no other reason than her nationality.


Jared Kushner, Not Maria Butina, Is America’s Real Foreign Agent

News Front
April 26, 2019

Maria Butina

Maria Butina is in jail for doing nothing while Jared Kushner, who needed a godfathered security clearance due to his close Israeli ties, struts through the White House as senior advisor to the president.

The Mueller Special Counsel inquiry is far from over even though a final report on its findings has been issued. Although the investigation had a mandate to explore all aspects of the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US election, from the start the focus was on the possibility that some members of the Trump campaign had colluded with the Kremlin to influence the outcome of the election to favor the GOP candidate. Even though that could not be demonstrated, many prominent Trump critics, to include Laurence Tribe of the Harvard Law School, are demanding that the investigation continue until Congress has discovered “the full facts of Russia’s interference [to include] the ways in which that interference is continuing in anticipation of 2020, and the full story of how the president and his team welcomed, benefited from, repaid, and obstructed lawful investigation into that interference and the president’s cooperation with it.”

Tribe should perhaps read the report more carefully. While it does indeed confirm some Russian meddling, it does not demonstrate that anyone in the Trump circle benefited from it or cooperated with it. The objective currently being promoted by dedicated Trump critics like Tribe is to make a case to impeach the president based on the alleged enormity of the Russian activity, which is not borne out by the facts: the Russian role was intermittent, small scale and basically ineffective. One interesting aspect of the Mueller inquiry and the ongoing Russophobia that it has . . . READ MORE AT NEWS FRONT>>


Julian Assange’s Nightmarish Future

By Elizabeth Vos

Consortium News
April 15, 2019

The WikiLeaks publisher is in a maximum-security prison that has been called the UK’s Guantanamo Bay, Elizabeth Vos reports.

While Julian Assange waits for what comes next — sentencing on skipping bail in England and a U.S. extradition request — he is being held in a maximum-security prison in London that has been called the “UK’s Guantanamo Bay” and has been used to detain alleged terrorists, sometimes indefinitely. The reputation of HM Prison Belmarsh raises natural concerns about the wellbeing of the WikiLeaks publisher there. “While many prisoners at Belmarsh say it’s difficult to see a doctor or a nurse, these services are available at the facility,” reports Bloomberg News, regarding the possibility of Assange receiving overdue medical attention. Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh had been used to detain high-profile national security prisoners indefinitely without charge under the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act of 2001, passed six weeks after 9/11, until the House of Lords ruled it violated the British Human Rights Act.

Assange was found guilty on Thursday of skipping bail. On May 2 he is scheduled to participate in a court hearing via video link on the U.S. extradition request. Assange’s name now tops the alphabetical roster of notables who have done time at Belmarsh or who are still there. The list includes notorious gangsters, serial killers and drug traffickers. Ronnie Biggs of the 1963 Great Train Robbery was imprisoned there. Others are subjects of high-profile scandal, such as Richard Tomlinson, imprisoned for six months in 1997 after he gave a synopsis of a proposed book detailing his career with MI6 to an Australian publisher. Andy Coulson, a former press secretary to Prime Minister David Cameron, was imprisoned for a few months for the phone hacking scandal that engulfed News of the World while he was editor there.

One mainstay of the inmate population are convicted terrorists. Abu Hamza al-Masri, an Egyptian cleric, was at Belmarsh until his extradition to the United States where he is serving life in prison on 11 counts of terrorism. Rams Mohammed, Muktar Said Ibrahim and Yasin Hassan Omar were were all incarcerated there for their roles in the 2005 attempted bombings of the London underground. Anjou Choudhry completed his sentence at Belmarsh for promoting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale are identified as Islamic terrorists convicted of the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in London.

There is legitimate concern about how Assange will fare inside Belmarsh. A 2018 survey by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons found that “91 percent of men said they had problems when they arrived at Belmarsh, which was higher than at other local prisons and more than at our last inspection,” Business Insider reported. In 2009, the same prison authority had found “extremely high” amount of force used to control inmates at the prison. Detainees were “unable to see the intelligence evidence against them and are confined to their cells for up to 22 . . . READ MORE AT CONSORTIUM NEWS>> (Substantial analysis at source)


The Railroad That Awaits Julian Assange

by John Kiriakou

Ron Paul Institute
April 15, 2019

Julian Assange (– Fox News)

The Justice Department said Thursday that it was charging Julian Assange with one felony count of conspiring to hack into a  computer. In the greater scheme of things, that’s a nonsensical charge. There are probably 10,000 fat, lonely guys, living in their parents’ basements who the government could charge with that crime on any given day. Assange’s attorneys in the UK say the extradition process might last five years because it will likely end up in the European Court of Justice. If true, conceivably Assange could be detained for five years awaiting extradition, or roughly the same amount of time he might be sentenced to if convicted on the computer hacking charge. Justice Department policy defines time in detention under almost any circumstance as time served. So if there ever were a trial in the US for the computer hacking charge it would likely be nothing more than a show trial. Additional charges after the application for extradition has been filed are unlikely, due to limitations in extradition treaties requiring full disclosure of all charges prior to an extradition being considered. But that’s not the issue here.

No matter what happens, no matter what the charges, Julian cannot and will not get a fair trial in the Eastern District of Virginia. The Eastern District of Virginia is known as the “Espionage Court” for a reason. No national security defendant has ever won a case there. Never. And Judge Leonie Brinkema reserves all national security cases for herself. She has Julian’s case, she judged my case, as well as the case of CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, and we know that she has also reserved what will be the Ed Snowden case for herself. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll tell you about what I went through in Judge Brinkema’s courtroom. None of it was good. And Julian should expect exactly the same. When I was arrested after blowing the whistle on the CIA’s torture program, I was charged with five felonies – three counts of espionage, one count of violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1981, and one count of making a false statement. Of course, I hadn’t committed espionage, nor had I . . . READ MORE AT RON PAUL INSTITUTE>>


Pro-WikiLeaks Hackers Warn UK Gov: ‘Free Assange or Chaos is Coming for You’

by Cassandra Fairbanks

The Gateway Pundit
April 15, 2019

The Anonymous hackers who spent the weekend knocking Ecuadorian government websites offline have turned their attention to the United Kingdom, issuing a warning for the British government to “free Assange or chaos is coming for you.” Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, a member of the hacker group who goes by the pseudonym ‘Nama’ declared they will be launching cyber attacks against the United States and Sweden after the UK. None of this was directed by WikiLeaks or Assange himself — the hackers say they are acting on their own as an act of protest.

Over the weekend, the group took down or defaced over 30 Ecuadorian websites including the Central Bank of Ecuador, their Ministry of Interior, the Ecuadorian Assembly in the UK and the main website for the Government of Ecuador. They also posted data dumps of 728 identification ID card numbers that appear to belong to people who work in the Ecuadorian government. Nama said that starting Monday his group will begin targeting UK government websites as well as the Ecuadorian sites, “just to show in the world the #FreeAssange message.”

“First we hit their Gov sites with a Botnet to make . . . READ MORE AT GATEWAY PUNDIT>>


With RussiaGate Over Where’s Hillary?

By Tom Luongo

March 23, 2019
Posted Quemado Institute March 24, 2019

Tom Luongo  (–tomluongo.me)

During most of the RussiaGate investigation against Donald Trump I kept saying that all roads lead to Hillary Clinton. Anyone with three working brain cells knew this, including ‘Miss’ Maddow, whose tears of disappointment are particularly delicious. Robert Mueller’s investigation was designed from the beginning to create something out of nothing. It did this admirably. It was so effective it paralyzed the country for more than two years, just like Europe has been held hostage by Brexit. And all of this because, in the end, the elites I call The Davos Crowd refused to accept that the people no longer believed their lies about the benefits of their neoliberal, globalist agenda.

Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the Presidency was to be their apotheosis along with the Brexit vote. These were meant to lay to rest, once and for all time, the vaguely libertarian notion that people should rule themselves and not be ruled by philosopher kings in some distant land. Hillary’s failure was enormous. And the RussiaGate gambit to destroy Trump served a laundry list of purposes to cover it:
1. Undermine his legitimacy before he even takes office.
2. Accuse him of what Hillary actually did: collude with Russians and Ukrainians to effect the outcome of the election
3. Paralyze Trump on his foreign . . . READ MORE AT TOMLUONGO.ME>>


Hunt for Blue November: Democrats would sooner destroy America than lose to Trump in 2020

By Robert Bridge

Strategic Culture Foundation
March 24, 2019

Robert Bridge, American Journalist

With the likelihood of a Democratic candidate ousting Trump in 2020 looking like mission impossible, the party is resorting to a number of desperate and even dangerous tactics to steal as many voters as possible. Perhaps the best way to gauge the desperation that has overrun the Democratic camp like kudzu in June is the frenzy that has greeted the arrival of Beto O’Rourke, the former lawmaker who recently announced his candidacy for the 2020 election. If the Liberals believed in God, their response to Beto’s arrival would rank up there with the Second Coming of Christ himself, entering stage left on a skateboard, hair trailing behind with a hint of hope and gunge polluting the air.

Perhaps in other less delusional periods of American history, Beto the marionette, who gesticulates as if his strings were being yanked by an epileptic after a tasing, would be seen for what he is. Exactly what that might be is hard to nail down, but it is certainly not presidential material. Yet the fact that so many Democrats and media have worked themselves into collective hysteria over this guy, whose most notable career moves to date are marrying an heiress, writing exceptionally bad poetry and losing to Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race, speaks volumes as to how shallow the Democratic bench is, where a host of other unlikely players include Elizabeth ‘Pocohantas’ Warren and Bernie ‘the multi-millionaire Socialist’ Sanders. Then there is Joe Biden, 76, who didn’t need a leaker to spill the beans on his apparent intentions to run. He did it quite nicely all by himself. But one needn’t focus on the Lefts dismal presidential choices; there are many other places to find examples of Democratic decline and degeneration.

The Hunt for Blue November: If ever there was a perfect symbol of the political schizophrenia dividing the nation straight down its frontal lobe, it’s the . . . READ MORE AT SCF>>


Must View Videos of California Firestorm Analysis: California Fires and the Fallout of the Purposeful Destruction of a State [videos]

State of the Nation
November 25, 2018
Posted Quemado Institute November 27, 2018

California firestorm (–State of the Nation)

The independent media community is doing their darndest to share the truth about this overt attack on Humanity and are doing a fine job. Following are more chapters in this virtual tome of evidence of the crimes repeatedly committed on America’s west coast—blamed on the fictional global warming, climate change and Mother Nature. While we understand the grand plan of the globalists to depopulate and control Humanity, we also understand there is purposeful disinformation disseminated to cloud the issues and throw us off the trail.

The situation is complex, with Rothschild corporations such as Pacific Gas and Electric complicit in mandating incendiary devices known as “smart meters” on California homes. Regardless of any lies, coverups, or red herrings, it looks like a greater portion of California residents are ready to accept the inconvenient truth. Their environment—the ground and the skies—have been groomed for ignition for decades. California is a tinder box that explodes with the slightest provocation.

There is a great deal the public does not understand about what has happened to America; such as there are multiple government bodies with their own militaries and contractors—mercenaries—who pose as federal officials to pull off orchestrated events or “false flags” to manipulate and attack the People. When researchers tell us “firefighters” are actually starting fires—don’t misunderstand. These aren’t your local patriot firefighters—they are hired thugs paid by the deep state to execute their evil, murderous agendas.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, President Trump’s assault on the deep state, the globalists, has drawn them out so they can be recognized and eliminated. This is war in the new age. The short term experience for our planet is danger, pain, and ugliness. The long term experience will be the previously unknown liberation from the dark forces that have subjugated Humanity for so long. Peace, joy, and all things good. This had to be done; and now, or there would be no one left to fight the war against evil. . . . MORE AT STATE OF THE NATION>>

Firestorm Apocalypse in California
American Intelligence Media VIDEO
Published on Nov 15, 2018

Click for VIDEO.

Douglas Gabriel of the American Intelligence Media talks with Michael Thomas, editor of State of the Nation and other independent news publications, who gives patriots a huge wake up call about the firestorms in California. We need all patriots AWAKE. After you watch the video, please continue your education from the links. Then pass it along to those in your circle of influence, including your elected representatives – all the way up to the White House. This affects all nations of the planet. The Globalists are at war with the nation states.


Freedom of speech in the United States was finally strangled. Who is next?

By Andrey Afanasyev

August 17, 2018

Following Facebook, YouTube, Apple and Vimeo, the accounts of Infowars and Alex Jones were blocked by the Twitter administration. In a matter of days, journalists lost access to tens of millions of subscribers. At the same time, liberal media do not hide their joy. It was Alex Jones who played the decisive role in tying fake news to CNN, so that global resources began to savor every new attack on their political opponents. Here’s what the reasons for the lock were, according to Verge, Facebook found that Alex Jones, who broke many of the platform rules, was not going to change.

By “platform rules” we mean, of course, the requirements to be tolerant of all kinds of minorities, in no way to mention our national and religious identity, to be quiet and obedient. Jones did not do this, frankly criticized Congress and the White House from the position of the American right and was his opponents like a bone in his throat.

To neutralize it, tactics of demonization were first used: the journalist was called a fascist, homophobe and other most terrible words in Western society. However, the more he was called, the more people came to the Infowars website. 40 million hits per month – a serious figure, especially for an independent resource that the local authorities are trying to crush.

Today Infowars urge its readers and viewers to switch to direct contact with the resource bypassing social networks: download the application on a smartphone or go to the site through a browser. However, no one knows if Apple and Google will want to remove the Infowars application from their catalogs after a while.

From this episode, we need to draw a few fundamentally important lessons. The first is that no one else can even stammer about the presence of even a shadow of freedom of speech in the West, and especially in the United States.

The second conclusion that can be drawn: any media that does not meet the agenda of the platform through which it is distributed can be blocked. Who owns the largest sites of this kind? Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram are all Western projects. Yes, other countries have their own social networks, which to some extent allows citizens to feel freer than others, but this is not enough. Where is the guarantee that tomorrow Western companies will not find that any foreign media or any user does not violate this or that rule? As an adequate person to live by these rules is simply impossible.

So it turns out that Europeans need to quickly create their own virtual infrastructure, fencing off from Western partners.


Opinion: The Eulogy Of An Immortal Russiagate Scandal

By Elizabeth Vos

Disobedient Media
July 17, 2018
Posted Quemado Institute
August 17, 2018

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Helsinki summit 2018 (—Business Insider)

From the latest joke-indictment by Robert Mueller to the hysterical press-coverage of the Trump-Putin summit, the way establishment media has been acting over the past week has been apoplectic. One might imagine, given their response, that the end was nigh and Putin personally commandeered the four horsemen of the apocalypse or something equally Biblical. However, the certifiable insanity characterizing the media’s reaction to these events is not the focus of this article. Instead, we ask, how is it that the Russiagate issue is still being discussed in the first place? How did we get here, to the verge of a neo-McCarthyist second-coming, despite all aspects of this issue being repeatedly dismissed in the light of evidence? When we part the curtain of staged madness, designed to provoke fear in the gullible and outrage in the skeptical, what do we actually glimpse? The reality is that Russiagate, the neoliberal war-cry, is only spurred on by a constant shift in narrative focus. Yesterday we saw farcical indictments; today we are consumed by a summit. If the pattern holds, then tomorrow we will be delivered a new take on Mifsud, tailored to deceive and mislead once again. In a recent Memorandum to the President penned by Bill Binney and Ray McGovern, they noted: “We now have forensic evidence that shows the data provided by Guccifer 2.0 had been manipulated and is a fabrication.” The memo, published with Consortium News, continued: “If you are wondering why so little is heard these days of accusations that Russia hacked into the U.S. election in 2016, it could be because those charges could not withstand close scrutiny. It could also be because special counsel Robert Mueller appears to have . . . READ MORE AT DISOBEDIENT MEDIA>>


Watch the Sky.

Stay Aware of Chemtrails.

GeoEngineeringWatch.org VIDEO
CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose the Shadow Government

Posted September 7, 2017

Click for Video (1 hour 7 minutes)


VIDEO – Hurricane Irma Manipulation

Click for video.


The Vanishing of Palestinian Land

Click to enlarge. The vanishing of Palestinian land.. Green=Palestine White=Israel


VIDEO – Are Closed Walmarts Being Converted To FEMA Internment Camps?

These video journalists raise troublesome questions we can’t answer.
September 2017 – By A Entertainment

Click for video.


How the Deep State Ties Down Trump

By Alastair Crooke

H.R. McMaster, James Mattis, Mike Pence, Donald Trump (–ktvz.com)

America’s Deep State players have tied down President Trump on Russian sanctions and other foreign and economic policies but that doesn’t mean the struggle is over, writes ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke.

Information Clearing House
August 28, 2017

President Trump has had his foreign policy hands and feet tied by the Russia (and Iran) Sanctions Act. He now has been rendered “helpless”: in respect to détente with Russia — gulliverized, spitefully, by his own party, working with the Democrats, to empty Trump’s constitutional prerogatives in foreign policy – and to seize them for Congress.

And in a further humiliation, Trump has been “rolled” by his military minders (Generals James Mattis, H.R. McMaster and John Kelly) on his Afghan policy: he has relinquished civilian oversight of this military expedition in Afghanistan to McMaster and Mattis — the former being the presumed author of the “new” Afghan policy. The President was “rolled” on his foreign military prerogatives too – as Commander in Chief – by his triumvirate of military minders in the White House. The “civilian” leadership has given place to the “military.”

The question is whether these humiliating concessions will appease his opponents sufficiently to allow the President to “live on,” albeit as an incapacitated President, or is this just the hors d’oeuvre? It seems that the entrée may be being planned as the complete discrediting of Trump’s base – ordinary Republicans being lashed to the Trump “Titanic” – to be sunk along with its captain – as “white-supremacists, white bigots and Nazis.”

Professor Walter Russell Mead – and he should know – tells us that “President Trump’s highest officials remain committed, one way or another, to defending the global order the U.S. has been building since the Truman era. That includes [Secretary of State RexTillerson, Mattis, Kelly and McMaster]: These men share a disdain for the Obama administration’s retrenchment and retreat. … They want to check the ambitions of America’s rivals, while restoring the foundations, both military and economic, of U.S. world power.”

Ok – that is clear: they want to “grasp” America as world order. They have been trying that for some time now, but have not yet succeeded in seizing “her.” With all “her” allure and riches, their quarry remains frustratingly elusive, and her very unattainability seems to madden “ego” even more – so that which cannot be “had,” must be despoiled.

What else accounts for the new Afghan plan? Almost nobody (outside of the U.S. élites) believes it will do other than prolong an unwinnable war (or worse, push Pakistan and India into confrontation). Yet the further despoliation of Afghanistan must go on, for the sake of the myth of this America – of Trump’s “highest officials” – that America is always victorious, if only it wills it sufficiently, and is persistent – “defeat” as heresy.

It is a familiar story of inflated ego. But the sense of power and wanting to “grasp at something unattainable” is so compelling, that the U.S. élites desire both to crush the “infuriating” Trump, and his “deplorables” – to thrust them down into the irrecoverable depths – while weakening any external rival that might hinder the way to their “having” America, as world order.

A Frenzied Deep State

It seems that the American deep state is so frenzied in this way that its inhabitants can no longer see straight: they are ready to risk despoiling not just the “recalcitrant” abroad, but America herself. And the way they are going about trying to “have her,” may well ruin the deep state too, as collateral damage.

The Russia Sanctions Act may have been conceived both to paralyze President Trump, and to validate the “Putin-stole-the-Election” narrative, but it precisely removes any chance of Messrs Mattis, McMaster, Kelly and Tillerson to succeed with seizing America as world proconsul.

Russia, China and Iran, now linked by again . . . READ MORE at Information Clearing House>>


The Neocons are pushing the USA and the rest of the world towards a dangerous crisis

By The Saker

August 18, 2017

First, my writing on the wall. In October of last year a wrote an analysis I entitled The USA are about to face the worst crisis of their history and how Putin’s example might inspire Trump and I think that this is a good time to revisit it now. I began the analysis by looking at the calamities which would befall the United States if Hillary was elected. Since this did not happen (thank God!), we can safely ignore that part and look at my prediction of what would happen if Trump was elected. Here is what I wrote:

Trump wins. Problem: he will be completely alone. The Neocons have a total, repeat total, control of the Congress, the media, banking and finance, and the courts. From Clinton to Clinton they have deeply infiltrated the Pentagon, Foggy Bottom, and the three letter agencies. The Fed is their stronghold. How in the world will Trump deal with these rabid “crazies in the basement“? Consider the vicious hate campaign which all these “personalities” (from actors, to politicians to reporters) have unleashed against Trump – they have burned their bridges, they know that they will lose it all if Trump wins (and, if he proves to be an easy pushover his election will make no difference anyway). The Neocons have nothing to lose and they will fight to the very last one. What could Trump possibly do to get anything done if he is surrounded by Neocons and their agents of influence? Bring in an entirely different team? How is he going to vet them? His first choice was to take Pence as a VP – a disaster (he is already sabotaging Trump on Syria and the elections outcome). I *dread* the hear whom Trump will appoint as a White House Chief of Staff as I am afraid that just to appease the Neocons he will appoint some new version of the infamous Rahm Emanuel… And should Trump prove that he has both principles and courage, the Neocons can always “Dallas” him and replace him with Pence. Et voilà!

I went on to suggest that Trump’s only option would be to follow Putin’s example and do the the Neocons what Putin did to the oligarchs. Clearly that did not happen. In fact, one month after the election of Trump I wrote another analysis entitled “The Neocons and the “deep state” have neutered the Trump Presidency, it’s over folks!“.

Less than a month ago I warned that a ‘color revolution ‘ was taking place in the USA. My first element of proof was the so-called “investigation” which the CIA, FBI, NSA and others were conducting against President Trump’s candidate to become National Security Advisor, General Flynn. Tonight, the plot to get rid of Flynn has finally succeeded and General Flynn had to offer his resignation. Trump accepted it. Now let’s immediately get one thing out of the way: Flynn was hardly a saint or a perfect wise man who would single handedly saved the world. That he was not. However, what Flynn was is the cornerstone of Trump’s national security policy. (…) The Neocon run ‘deep state’ has now forced Flynn to resign under the idiotic pretext that he had a telephone conversation, on an open, insecure and clearly monitored, line with the Russian ambassador. And Trump accepted this resignation. Ever since Trump made it to the White House, he has taken blow after blow from the Neocon-run Ziomedia, from Congress, from all the Hollywood doubleplusgoodthinking “stars” and even from European politicians. And Trump took each blow without ever fighting back. Nowhere was his famous “you are fired!” to be seen. But I still had hope. I wanted to hope. I felt that it was my duty to hope. But now Trump has betrayed us all. Again, Flynn was not my hero. But he was, by all accounts, Trump’s hero. And Trump betrayed him. The consequences of this will be immense. For one thing, Trump is now clearly broken. It took the ‘deep state’ only weeks to castrate Trump and to make him bow to the powers that be. Those who would have stood behind Trump will now feel that he will not stand behind them and they will all move back away from him. The Neocons will feel elated by the elimination of their worst enemy and emboldened by this victory they will push on, doubling-down over and over and over again. It’s over, folks, the deep state has won.

I then concluded that the consequences of this victory would catastrophic for the United States:

In their hate-filled rage against Trump and the American people (aka “the basket of deplorables”) the Neocons have had to show their true face. By their rejection of the outcome of the elections, by their riots, their demonization of Trump, the Neocons have shown two crucial things: first, that the US democracy is a sad joke and that they, the Neocons, are an occupation regime which rules against the will of the American people. In other words, just like Israel, the USA has no legitimacy left. And since, just like Israel, the USA are unable to frighten their enemies, they are basically left with nothing, no legitimacy, no ability to coerce. So yes, the Neocons have won. But their victory is removes the last chance for the US to avoid a collapse.

I think that what we are seeing today are the first signs of the impending collapse.

The symptoms of the agony

Externally, the US foreign policy is basically “frozen” and in lieu of a foreign policy we now only have a long series of empty threats hurled at a list of demonized . . . READ MORE AT THESAKER.IS>>


Barbarians at the Gate

By Stephen Lendman
(Comments on Trump and Charlottesville)

August 18, 2017

Charlottesville rally (–Cnn.com)

Politicians should be judged by their actions. There’s plenty about Trump’s agenda to criticize. Instead, he’s bashed no matter what he does or doesn’t do, whatever he says or doesn’t say – polar opposite the way his predecessors were treated.

Last Saturday, he blamed both sides for Charlottesville violence. On Monday, he “condemn(ed) in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. It has no place in America,” adding: “Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant…” He ordered a civil rights investigation into what happened in Charlottesville, saying “anyone who acted criminally…will be held fully accountable.”

Tuesday in New York at Trump Tower, he said the “alt-left” bears some responsibility for what happened. “(N)obody wants to say that…(Y)ou had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent.” “And nobody wants to say that, but I’ll say it right now. You had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent.”

Sharp criticism followed. The so-called “Unite the Right” rally featured a torch-lit parade through the University of Virginia campus – founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, the only collegiate UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site in America, a distinction not shared by Harvard University, the nation’s oldest institution of higher education, founded in 1636.

Some “Unite the Right” marchers chanted “Blood and Soil” (the Nazi-era “Blut und Boden” slogan), “You will not replace us,” and “Jews will not replace us.” Others raised an arm in a Nazi salute. Hundreds participated, including KKK adherents and other white supremacists, many from out of town – not a pretty picture. Everyone responsible for violence in Charlottesville should be held accountable, whatever their ideological views.

Far more important is an ongoing campaign to denigrate, weaken and oust Trump from office – a diabolical slow-motion coup d’etat scheme to topple him, deep state long knives out to replace him with easily controllable puppet-in-waiting Pence. It reflects what fantasy democracy is all about, the way banana republics and other despotic regimes operate, a deplorable state of affairs.

The issue isn’t Trump. It’s longstanding US policy. It’s tyranny heading toward becoming full-blown. Was his presidency doomed before it began?

Throughout the campaign, post-election and inauguration, he’s been hammered by relentless assaults on his legitimacy, determined efforts to undermine him – led by Washington’s intelligence community, undemocratic Democrats, extremist GOP elements and media scoundrels. His initial and New York remarks about Charlottesville were red meat for his opponents to jump on, especially deplorable media scoundrels overwhelmingly against him.

Will he or won’t he avoid removal from office by impeachment or more sinister means?

Ousting him would be another major blow to the last vestiges of freedom in America – disappearing in plain sight, most people none the wiser about what’s going on.



Manchester Attack: What They’re NOT Telling You

VIDEO by Paul Joseph Watson

Click for VIDEO.
Published on May 23, 2017
Which is more important – not hurting Muslims’ feelings, or our children being blown up?


BREAKING: Sweden Drops Case Against Julian Assange

By Adam Garrie
The Duran
May 19, 2017

Julian Assange (–Democracy Now)

Sweden has formally dropped its case against Julian Assange. The rape allegations against the Wikileaks founder which many described as a witch hunt from the start, have now been revoked by the Swedish authorities who once sought to prosecute him.

Julian Assange is currently living as a refugee in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Now that Sweden has dropped its case, Assange could technically be a free man. Britain has no case against Assange and America is yet to formally press charges, even though CIA director Mike Pompeo appears to want to do so.

Theoretically, this means Julian Assange could leave the Embassy today and fly to the country of his choice, including perhaps Russia where American whistle-blower Edward Snowden is currently living.

The worry is that Britain may know something the rest of the world does not. According to Wikileaks, “UK refuses to confirm or deny whether it has already received a US extradition warrant for Julian Assange. Focus now moves to UK.” If America has asked for such an extradition, it has thus far been done in secret.

The Duran UPDATE: British police claim they will arrest Julian Assange should he leave the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Julian Assange on Twitter today.

Quemado Institute Update: According to the Telegraph (May 19, 2017), the Met Police say Assange is still wanted in the UK for jumping bail. “Sweden’s top prosecutor has said she has dropped a rape investigation into Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. Director of Public Prosecution, Marianne Ny, said she had decided to discontinue the investigation against Mr Assange in a statement on Friday morning. Juan Branco, a lawyer representing Mr. Assange, said he would now seek political asylum in France, though did not elaborate on how the campaigner planned to get there without being arrested. . . . It remains unclear how the development will affect Mr Assange’s risk of being extradited to the US if he leaves the embassy.”

The San Luis Obisbo Tribune sums up Assange’s case:

“IS ASSANGE FREE TO LEAVE THE ECUADOREAN EMBASSY? Sweden has revoked a European Arrest Warrant for Assange, so British police are no longer seeking him for extradition. But there is also a warrant issued by a British court after he skipped bail in June 2012. London’s Metropolitan Police force says that it ‘is obliged to execute that warrant should he leave the embassy.’ The maximum sentence for that offense is a year in prison.

“ARE THERE OTHER CHARGES AGAINST ASSANGE? That’s unclear. Assange suspects there is a secret U.S. indictment against him for WikiLeaks’ publication of leaked classified American documents, which has infuriated U.S. officials. CIA Director Mike Pompeo has branded WikiLeaks a ‘hostile intelligence service,’ and Attorney General Jeff Sessions said last month that Assange’s arrest is a priority. Both U.S. and British officials have declined to comment on whether there is a warrant for Assange’s arrest.

“DOES SWEDEN’S ACTION MAKE ASSANGE SAFER? Some legal experts say it makes his position less secure. Until Friday, Britain was bound to honor Sweden’s extradition request before any warrant from the United States. That is no longer the case. Lawyer David Allen Green, who has followed the case, tweeted: ‘Once outside embassy, Assange more at risk from any U.S. extradition attempt than if he had gone to Sweden.” Assange could fight any U.S. extradition request in the British courts, a process that could take years.”

QI Opinion: Yet again America seems the villain in the case. The U.S. has an evil government, used by evil people for evil purposes. So far, Donald Trump has not been able to turn the tide. Julian Assange deserves to be a free man. He has done nothing but good for the world.


Trump Strikes Syrian Military Base—Also a Russian Military Base

By Vladimir Suchan

Logos Politicos
April 8, 2017

Vladimir Suchan Website

Politically the most significant fact about Trump’s strike on the Syrian base is that it was also a Russian military base and that the 59 US missiles were dropped on the heads of the Russian soldiers as well: That’s why this is a watershed event, but, because of this, neither the White House wants to emphasize this much or gloat over this yet and the Kremlin has to try to look as the Russian presence was not much of a presence or that much important anyway–better not to talk about it; but the message was delivered.

To save himself from impeachment over “the Russian connection,” Trump bombed the Syrians and 100 Russians at the base. It might have worked.

US military sources (reported on US networks, i.e. Fox News) say about 100 Russian soldiers were present at the Syrian airbase during the attack ordered by President Trump. The Kremlin was informed. But the Russian personnel at the Syrian base remained. Possibly in the dark.

Conway Kellyanne @KellyannePolls on Fox News tonight: By bombing Syrians who are under attack by al Qaeda, ISIS, President Trump acted like “a true father and a grandfather” …. like a true Godfather of al Qaeda.

Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer on Fox News: His bombing of brave Syria fighting a long war against al Qaeda+ISIS was for Trump “pleasing and gratifying.”

After bombing Syria over videos staged by al Qaeda, Washington’s political establishment, i.e. the machines of the both parties whom he upset, has re-adopted and welcomed Trump as their lost, but newly found son who has just recovered from his notion and temporary insanity of “power to the people.” He is again safely one of them. The swamp and the order in the universe has been reestablished.


Wikileaks Vault 7: We’ve Created A Monster – Ron Paul Says It’s “Fantastic” That WikiLeaks Exposed The CIA

By Tyler Durden

Zero Hedge
March 12, 2017

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy in London (–PA Press Association)

Ron Paul, the prominent libertarian communicator and three-time US presidential candidate, declared this week in a Fox Business interview that it is “fantastic” that WikiLeaks revealed on Tuesday thousands of US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents and files.

Speaking with host Kennedy, Paul further says that the information exposed “indicates that liberty is in big trouble” and states his concern about there having been insufficient media coverage of the information and outlines the potential dangers related to technology…

Paul’s discussion raises the very crucial question “do we live in a police state?” As AntiWar’s Justin Raimondo warns, the latest wikileaks revelations tell us the answer is ‘Yes’.

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange would have gone down in history as the greatest enemies of government oppression of all kinds in any case, but their latest release – a comprehensive exposé of the US intelligence community’s cyberwar tools and techniques – is truly the capstone of their career. And given that this release – dubbed “Vault 7” – amounts to just one percent of the documents they intend to publish, one can only look forward to the coming days with a mixture of joyful anticipation and ominous fear.

Fear because the power of the Deep State is even more forbidding – and seemingly invincible – than anyone knew. Joyful anticipation because, for the first time, it is dawning on the most unlikely people that we are, for all intents and purposes, living in a police state. I was struck by this while watching Sean Hannity’s show last [Wednesday] night – yes, Fox is my go-to news channel – and listening to both Hannity and his guests, including the ultra-conservative Laura Ingraham, inveigh against the “Deep State.” For people like Hannity, Ingraham, and Newt Gingrich (of all people!) to be talking about the Surveillance State with fear – and outrage – in their voices says two things about our current predicament: 1) Due to the heroic efforts of Julian Assange in exposing the power and ruthlessness of the Deep State, the political landscape in this country is undergoing a major realignment, with conservatives returning to their historic role as the greatest defenders of civil liberties, and 2) American “liberalism” – which now champions the Deep State as the savior of the country – has become a toxic brew that is fundamentally totalitarian.

On the first point: yes, there are more than a few holdouts, like Bill O’Reilly and the neocons, but the latter are increasingly isolated, and the former is increasingly irrelevant. What we are seeing, as the role of the “intelligence community” in basically leading a seditious conspiracy against a sitting President is revealed, is a complete switch in the political polarities in this country: what passes for the “left” has become the biggest advocate of the Surveillance State, and the rising populist right is coming to the hard-won conclusion that we are rapidly becoming a police state.

Ah, but wait! That’s not the whole story: bear with me for a while.

The material in “Vault 7” is extensive: it ranges from examining the ways in which a Samsung television set that is seemingly turned off can be– and no doubt has been – used to spy on the conversations and activities of a room’s occupants, to the various ways in which our spooks infiltrate and subvert common electronic devices, such as the I-Phone, in order to gather information. “Infected phones,” we are told in the introduction to the material, “can be instructed to send the CIA the user’s geolocation, audio and text communications as well as covertly activate the phone’s camera and microphone.” The CIA is even working on remotely controlling the electronic steering systems installed in cars – a perfect route to pulling off an assassination that looks like an “accident.” Not that the intelligence services of the “leader of the Free World” would ever consider such an act.

The massive infection of commonly used software and electronic devices leads to a major problem: proliferation. As these viruses and other invasive programs are unleashed on an unsuspecting public, they fall into the hands of a variety of bad actors: foreign governments, criminals, and teenagers on a lark (not necessarily in descending order of malevolence). This plague is being spread over the Internet by a veritable army of CIA hackers: “By the end of 2016,” WikiLeaks tells us, “the CIA’s hacking division, which formally falls under the agency’s Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI), had over 5000 registered users and had produced more than a thousand hacking systems, trojans, viruses, and other ‘weaponized’ malware.” The inevitable end result: a world infected with so much malware that computers become almost useless – and this parlous condition is paid for by you, the American taxpayer.

This is, in effect, the cybernetic equivalent of the Iraq war – an invasion that led to such unintended consequences as the rise of ISIS, the devastation of Syria, and the empowerment of Iran. In short, a war that made us less safe.

One aspect of the Vault 7 data dump that’s drawing particular attention is the CIA’s Remote Devices Branch’s “Umbrage group,” which, we are told, “collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques ‘stolen’ from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.” The idea is to mask the Agency’s . . . READ MORE at ZeroHedge>>  [VIDEO available at source.]


Marine Le Pen Declares War on Merkel (VIDEO)

Le Pen Savages Merkel (VIDEO)
Click for video.
Leading French candidate Marine le Pen balls out Angela Merkel to her face. The German chancellor seems crestfallen. What is it she doesn’t get?

It’s Happening: France’s Le Pen Declares War on Germany’s Merkel,
To Her Face, At EU Assembly

By The-Real-Fly
Zero Hedge
March 1, 2017
Posted Quemado Institute
March 3, 2017

This is a savage assault upon Merkel, delivered with fierce Marine Le Pen — who called Germany a ‘servant to America.’ I’ve never seen anything quite like it, frankly. It bordered on sabre rattling before a declaration of war.

Le Pen emphatically rejected the subjugation and ‘vassilisation’ of Europe by Germany — declaring her intentions to break off from it — representative of an ‘intelligent protectionism’, individual liberties and defense of safety and identity.


Study Reveals 72 Terrorists Came From Countries
Covered by Trump Vetting Order

By Jessica Vaughan

Center for Immigration Studies
February 11, 2017

slavfeb12-17yA review of information compiled by a Senate committee in 2016 reveals that 72 individuals from the seven countries covered in President Trump’s vetting executive order have been convicted in terror cases since the 9/11 attacks. These facts stand in stark contrast to the assertions by the Ninth Circuit judges who have blocked the president’s order on the basis that there is no evidence showing a risk to the United States in allowing aliens from these seven terror-associated countries to come in.

In June 2016 the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, then chaired by new Attorney General Jeff Sessions, released a report on individuals convicted in terror cases since 9/11. Using open sources (because the Obama administration refused to provide government records), the report found that 380 out of 580 people convicted in terror cases since 9/11 were foreign-born. The report is no longer available on the Senate website, but a summary published by Fox News is available here.

The Center has obtained a copy of the information compiled by the subcommittee. The information compiled includes names of offenders, dates of conviction, terror group affiliation, federal criminal charges, sentence imposed, state of residence, and immigration history.

The Center has extracted information on 72 individuals named in the Senate report whose country of origin is one of the seven terror-associated countries included in the vetting executive order: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The Senate researchers were not able to obtain complete information on each convicted terrorist, so it is possible that more of the convicted terrorists are from these countries.

The United States has admitted terrorists from all of the seven dangerous countries:

Somalia: 20
Yemen: 19
Iraq: 19
Syria: 7
Iran: 4
Libya: 2
Sudan: 1
Total: 72

According to the report, at least 17 individuals entered as refugees from these terror-prone countries. Three came in on student visas and one arrived on a diplomatic visa. At least 25 of these immigrants eventually became citizens. Ten were lawful permanent residents, and four were illegal aliens.

These immigrant terrorists lived in at least 16 different states, with the largest number from the terror-associated countries living in New York (10), Minnesota (8), California (8), and Michigan (6). Ironically, Minnesota was one of the states suing to block Trump’s order to pause entries from the terror-associated countries, claiming it harmed the state. At least two of the terrorists were living in Washington, which joined with Minnesota in the lawsuit to block the order.

Thirty-three of the 72 individuals from the seven terror-associated countries were convicted of very serious terror-related crimes, and were sentenced to at least three years imprisonment. The crimes included use of a weapon of mass destruction, conspiracy to commit a terror act, material support of a terrorist or terror group, international money laundering conspiracy, possession of explosives or missiles, and unlawful possession of a machine gun.

Some opponents of the travel suspension have tried to claim that the Senate report was flawed because it included individuals who were not necessarily terrorists because they were convicted of crimes such as identity fraud and false statements. About a dozen individuals in the group from the seven terror-associated countries are in this category. Some are individuals who were arrested and convicted in the months following 9/11 for involvement in a fraudulent hazardous materials and commercial driver’s license scheme that was extremely worrisome to law enforcement and counter-terrorism agencies, although a direct link to the 9/11 plot was never claimed.

The information in this report was compiled by Senate staff from open sources, and certainly could have been found by the judges if they or their clerks had looked for it. Another example that should have come to mind is that of Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who attacked and wounded 11 people on the campus of Ohio State University in November 2016. Artan was a Somalian who arrived in 2007 as a refugee.

President Trump’s vetting order is clearly legal under the provisions of section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which says that the president can suspend the entry of any alien or group of aliens if he finds it to be detrimental to the national interest. He should not have to provide any more justification than was already presented in the order, but if judges demand more reasons, here are 72.

About Page: The Center for Immigration Studies

Quemado Institute comments: Opponents of the travel ban claim no Americans have been killed by immigrants from the above countries, and that the largest number have been killed by citizens of Saudi Arabia, conspicuously not on the list. We’re looking for further confirmation either way.


Can American Patriot Donald Trump Save the World From Transnational Oligarchy?

By Andre Vajra (Alternatia.org)
Translated by Kristina Kharlova
Fort Russ
January 4, 2017

The Last Days Of Global Order?

slavjan6-17zAt the moment such concepts as ‘national interests of the United States’ or ‘U.S. foreign policy’ are meaningless, as indeed there are only ‘interests’ and ‘policies’ of transnational oligarchy using the muscle of the United States for its narrow corporate goals…. Figuratively speaking, at this point, the United States is a kind of icebreaker without breaks, speeding at maximum speed, aimed at breaking the existing world order. And then it will be sunk, as the only way to stop the US. This is why the brunt of the war against the non-Western world lies on the United States.

I wrote this in the late 90’s of the last century. If we proceed from what is happening with the United States today, the process of sinking this country has already begun. Look at the disastrous condition of the economy and finances of America.

The real production of the country has been shipped out, and the financial system is a giant bubble of loans, securities, and unsecured dollars, ready to burst at any moment. The material and social situation of the masses of this country is getting worse with each new president.


Hillary Clinton, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Bill Clinton, Lynn Forester de Rothschild (--Alan Davidson)

Hillary Clinton, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Bill Clinton, Lynn Forester de Rothschild (–Alan Davidson)

Authority turned into a corrupt monolith, which lies at the basis of global domination by transnational oligarchy. Infrastructure is rotting. The armed forces are regressing. Crime is off the charts. And most importantly, over the last ten years, the split in the American ruling elite is growing.


Today in the United States several powerful oligarchic clans clashed in a fierce battle for control of Washington for the future of the country and the world. Trump and Clinton are just visible vertices of the clashing icebergs. They publicly personify the opposing forces, remaining in the shadows behind media images, news releases and political battles.


slavjan8-17xIn fact, at this point Trump is trying to hijack control of the US from transnational oligarchic clans, whose interests are represented by Clinton. Trump is a tank, ramming ahead through the dense ranks of the American ruling elite regardless of party affiliation. That’s why Trump first broke the defense of the Republicans, becoming the presidential candidate of the Republican party, and then in the elections broke the defense of the Democrats, becoming President.

His goal is to save the United States, expanded in the interests of transnational oligarchy. Trump wants to stop the sinking of his country.


Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Hillary Clinton. The latest WikiLeaks dump exposes Hillary Clinton as the Rothschild’s candidate. (See YourNewsWire.com, October 15, 2016)

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Hillary Clinton. The latest WikiLeaks dump exposes Hillary Clinton as the Rothschild’s candidate. (See YourNewsWire.com, October 15, 2016)

Trump is not alone. He has a company of very influential people within America and abroad. Additionally, he enjoys full support of the part of American patriotic establishment (officials, the military, agents of security services), who dream of rescuing America from the control of transnational oligarchy.

So, in fact, what is happening now in America, is a revolution. Not just American, but global. If Trump will be able to take control of the United States, transnational oligarchy will lose the most important tool of its power and influence in the world.

If this happens, the current global order will collapse.



President Trump to Shut Out Mainstream Media

The official death of establishment media control
By Kit Daniels

January 2, 2017

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, New Year's Eve, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, December 31, 2016 (--from photo by AP/Evan Vucci)

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, New Year’s Eve, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, December 31, 2016 (–from photo by AP/Evan Vucci)

Incoming President Donald Trump will go around the mainstream media by making public policy announcements directly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The move, which is unprecedented for a president, is designed to limit the mainstream media’s role as an information filter by reaching the American people directly through social media.

“The fact of the matter is that when he tweets, he gets results,” incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Sunday. “You know, with all due respect, I think it freaks the mainstream media out that he has this following of over 45 plus million people that follow him on social media, that he can have a direct conversation.” “He doesn’t have to have it funneled through the media.”

The president’s use of Twitter will curtail the media’s ability to spin his message because mainstream reporters will no longer have insider privilege at the White House, which they did under past administration thanks to press events closed to the public. And Trump’s move will likely spark a new era of citizen-journalism similar to colonial America in which independent newspapers thrived because, at the time, there wasn’t an establishment media controlling the flow of information. The public will now have the same sources of information as mainstream reporters, which means the public will be able to draw their own conclusions about the Trump administration without being led like cattle to a predetermined “opinion” pushed by the establishment media. Without public ignorance to the truth, the media will fail to advance the globalist agenda which accelerated after the technocratic takeover of the Carter administration.

It’s a new era of independent thought, so it’s not surprising why the mainstream media is having a panic attack.

“…The fact that the media suddenly finds itself locked out in this most important of information dissemination and filtration pathways, has unleashed the biggest period of soul-searching for the conventional press in decades,” Zero Hedge pointed out.


As We Enter 2017, Keep The Big Picture In Mind

The new era of adjustment has only just begun.
By Chris Martenson
PeakProsperity – December 31, 2016

Watch human population grow exponentially in shock-provoking animation.
Click for Video.
For full article click here.

Obama’s Latest Tantrum: Retaliation for “Russian Hacks”

By Kennedy Applebaum
Quemado Institute
December 30, 2016

slavdec30-16yIn The Duran article, FBI-Homeland Security report fails to prove Russians behind Clinton leaks, author Alexander Mercouris informs us today that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have published a 13-page report on their “investigation” into the now infamous Russian hacking allegations. This comes on the heels of the current acting U.S. President’s announcement of new sanctions against Russia and the expelling of 35 Russian diplomats on 72-hour notice.

A perusal of the Homeland Security-FBI investigation report reveals a compilation of dense computer buzz words, apparently meant to conceal the fact that not a single item of evidence has been given to support the veracity of the Russian hacking allegations. See for yourself:

US Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Analysis Report. To view 13-page pdf file, click here: GRIZZLY STEPPE – Russian Malicious Cyber Activity.

For an idea of the intent of the document, the USDHS-FBI Report begins:

“This Joint Analysis Report (JAR) is the result of analytic efforts between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This document provides technical details regarding the tools and infrastructure used by the Russian civilian and military intelligence Services (RIS) to compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities. The U.S. Government is referring to this malicious cyber activity by RIS as GRIZZLY STEPPE.”

Vladimir Putin (--Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images)

Vladimir Putin (–Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images)

The good news is, Vladimir Putin played a master chess move today against his soon-to-be stalemated US Presidential antagonist in the form of a deadly knight fork. Adam Garrie, also of The Duran, tells us the Russian President “will not retaliate against US sanctions.”

Vladimir Putin says:

“We reserve the right to retaliate, but we will not sink to the level of this irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy. We will take further moves on restoring Russian-American relations based on the policies that the administration of President-elect Donald Trump adopts”.

Update – Obambino tantrum irrelevant:

Rumors that Russia is expelling 35 diplomats in retaliation for US President’s latest tantrum have been dispelled. In the Zero Hedge article Putin Stunner: “We Will Not Expel Anyone; We Refuse To Sink To ‘Kitchen’ Diplomacy”, Tyler Durden further elaborates:

Following this morning’s reports that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov would recommend to Russian President Vladimir Putin a retaliation in kind, and expel 35 American diplomats, saying that “we cannot leave such acts unanswered. Reciprocity is part of diplomatic law” with Putin spokesman Peskov adding that “there is no doubt that Russia’s adequate and mirror response will make Washington officials feel very uncomfortable as well”, it was ultimately up to Putin to decide how to respond to the US.

Which he did on Friday morning, when in a stunning reversal, the Russian leader took the high road, rejected the Lavrov proposal, and in a statement posted by the Kremlin said that Russia won’t expel any Americans in retaliation to US moves, in a brutal demonstration of just how irrelevant Obama’s 11th hour decision is for US-Russian relations.


Here’s Where You Absolutely Don’t Want To Be “When It All Turns Ugly”

By Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge
December 25, 2016

Map Shows Us Where We Don’t Want To Be When It All Turns Ugly (Click to enlarge)

Map Shows Us Where We Don’t Want To Be When It All Turns Ugly (Click to enlarge)

OK, this is actually pretty obvious – but it is worth pointing out that the “archipelago” of islands across the vast expanse of the United States that carried the vote for Hillary Clinton during the election – also happens to be a ring of the liberal cities that:

a) have exploded with crime, riots and unrest

b) have provided sanctuary for millions of illegal immigrants that have destabilized the country

c) are going bankrupt and will be unable to fulfill pension obligations, or pay their share of social security, welfare, etc.

d) have been foremost in advocating gun control, and ensuring that only criminals and police have guns, while 2nd Amendment arm-bearing citizen have flocked to the rural areas where their rights are not generally restricted

e) will be the first places to be become unstable during any major crisis – as soon as grocery store shelves go empty. Martial law will be the only way to maintain stability, and that will come at a further price to liberty.

f) will be the first place to line up for FEMA camps and beg for food, shelter and rations, again, at a further price to liberty

Of course, there are many more items that could be added to the list, but it gets tedious, and I think everyone gets the point.

Liberal havens have become largely clueless about the real world about them, and have turned a blind eye to the destabilizing forces that are compounding upon them.

IF/WHEN the SHTF, these will be the absolute last places you’d want to be caught dead.


There are 3,141 counties in the United States.
Trump won 3,084 of them.

Investment Watch
December 2, 2016

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

I know these stats/quotes have been making the rounds for the past day or two, but I wanted to post them up here:

There are 3,141 counties in the United States. Trump won 3,084 of them. Clinton won 57. There are 62 counties in New York State. Trump won 46 of them. Clinton won 16.

Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes. In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond) Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles. The United States is comprised of 3, 797,000 square miles. When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) don’t and shouldn’t speak for the rest of our country. This is just a reminder why the Founding Father’s created the Electoral College. It was to prevent the population centers deciding Presidential elections. Pure genius.


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For those who mourn the death of DPR President Alexander Zakharchenko, there is some consolation to be found in the comment section at The Saker.


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Censorship Looms Over European Union

Quemado Institute editor Karl Pomeroy received a legal threat today in response to a comment he posted on the Russia Insider website about the rise of the R********d banking family. The comment did not mention race, but was of historical content. The threatener accused Karl of “spreading Nazi propaganda,” then repeated the full text of the German Criminal Code Section 130, which outlaws inciting “hatred against a national, racial, religious group or a group defined by their ethnic origins,” which Karl’s comment did not do. A similar law, it was claimed, is now in force in 11 other European countries and carries a penalty of up to five years. The wording of the law is so vague, it could be applied to any criticism of those in power. If a political analyst can accidentally “violate” this totalitarian decree, there is no freedom of speech or press in Europe.