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Novorossiya in Crisis: Please Help Quemado Institute Help Donbass

We Need to Spread the Word – Part II
By Kennedy Applebaum

Quemado Institute
February 26, 2017

This is a continuation of my previous post of February 25,
incorporating, revising and extending it.

Help us to help save Donbass

slavfeb4-17vOur number one goal since founding this website in November 2014 has been to help the cause of Novorossiya by raising the awareness of people in the West. We take no donations and do not advertise. Our time is donated freely. All we need from you, our readers and followers, is to help the cause by spreading the word.

The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics are in serious trouble right now. Enemy ukrainian battalions are attacking relentlessly along the contact line, expanding their occupied territory with the tacit approval of the OSCE, the very body assigned the task of impartial observation of Minsk ceasefire compliance.

The OSCE turns a blind eye to Kiev’s shelling and bombing of Donetsk and Lugansk residential areas and critical infrastructure.

Azov Battalion Invades Donetsk Filtration Plant

Two nights ago, under the cover of darkness, the Kiev-aligned Azov battalion invaded and seized the Donetsk Water Filtering Station, placing civilians in grave danger of water shortage and contamination. The enemy began using the filtration plant as a base of operations to shell nearby residential neighborhoods. Today, the filtering station has been recaptured by the Donbass militia. However, the Ukrainian battalions remain close by, and the danger of battle is grave.

Is President Trump hearing the truth?

slavfeb26-17pIn an alarming development today, Mark Toner of the US State Department has directly blamed the “combined Russian-separatist forces” for the Azov battalion’s invasion of the Donetsk Filtering Station and for Ukraine’s Friday shelling of OSCE members. Why is this alarming? Partly because rabidly anti-Russian US Senator John McCain is trying to talk the Trump administration into providing lethal arms to Kiev. This would represent a major escalation of US intervention on the enemy side. That the State Department accuses the Donbass militia of recent terrorist aggression at the contact line presents the risk that President Trump will be convinced of the necessity of arming Ukraine.

Donald Trump is an intelligent, reasonable, pragmatic man who gathers information and acts on what he knows. He is willing to defy the New World Order establishment. He has no grudge against Russia. Given truthful information about Donbass, he would take appropriate action.

But what information is he getting? Does he have any sources to tell him the truth?

Trump is extremely busy, making good on campaign promises, addressing domestic issues, and straightening out the chaos left by the previously administration. As of day 36 of his term, he may not have had time to study the Donbass issue. My biggest concern is, until he has time, or until he talks to Putin, Trump is depending on his team for information—and some members of Trump’s team are neocons.

State Department Press Statement

Today’s alarming statement on the US State Department website reads as follows:

Press Statement
Mark C. Toner
Acting Spokesperson
Washington, DC
February 26, 2017

The United States is closely monitoring the growing violence in eastern Ukraine in recent weeks and the continuing failure of the combined-Russian separatist forces to honor the cease-fire called for under the Minsk agreements.‎ ‎We condemn Friday’s targeting of OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) monitors and the seizure of a SMM unmanned aerial vehicle by combined-Russian separatist forces. It is imperative that these forces halt their attacks on civilian infrastructure, including the Donetsk water filtration station. We call on Russia and the separatist forces it backs to immediately observe the cease-fire, withdraw all heavy weapons, and allow full and unfettered access to the OSCE monitors.

Quemado Institute’s reply

While the above is standard policy for the previous administration, it should not be the policy of Donald Trump. In an effort to set the record straight, I have sent the following reply via the State Department website contact page:

Hello, friends of Trump administration,

I am a strong supporter of our US President. Please note however, in reference to the statement on your website [statement quoted as above]:

The separatists did not attack the OSCE, nor did they seize the Donetsk water filtration plant. It was the Ukrainian army that fired at the OSCE. And it was the Kiev-aligned Azov Battalion that seized the filtration plant. The separatists are not shelling infrastructure. Again it is the Ukrainian army carrying out these shellings. Please do not believe any false stories. Ask yourself where you are getting your information, and what would be their agenda for promoting these stories.

Thank you for providing an opportunity to contact you.

Kennedy Applebaum
Trump supporter and advocate of peace

You can help

I urge you, our readers, to send your own reply to the State Department. As many Donbass supporters as possible need to contact them and correct the record. Please let them know that what they are saying is false. Replies can be sent to their contact page: https://register.state.gov/contactus/

Donetsk and Lugansk stand alone

Russia PutinThe Western world continues to condone the aggressive escalation on the part of the Kiev government and their rogue nazi battalions. These invasions and violations of the Minsk ceasefire must be stopped.

Vladimir Putin has not done the minimum that a friendly nation and ally would do. Not only has he offered no military help, he has not even recognized the Donbass Republics. In diplomatic venues, he rarely defends their cause in any meaningful way to the blind and biased West.

The OSCE acts as a spy organization, mouthing platitudes rather than frankly acknowledging Kiev’s ceasefire violations, and passing to the enemy military data given them by the DPR/LPR leadership.

The United States government, which supported the coup that started the war, continues to assist the enemy. It is not at all clear that US President Donald Trump will take a fair stance on Donbass, unless he is well-informed.

Poroshenko’s propaganda

slavfeb26-17nMeanwhile Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko talks persuasively to world leaders, including Rex Tillerson, Mike Pence, and Angela Merkel. DPR President Alexander Zakharchenko has not yet been invited to do so. Donald Trump is getting only one side of the story—

The liar’s side.

We urge DPR/LPR leaders Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky, as equal parties in the Minsk Agreements, to exercise their equal right to talk to leaders of the West, including Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump. But our urging means nothing if the word doesn’t spread.

Share the truth about Donbass

Please help get the message out about the true events in Donbass. Post links to Novorossiya news wherever you can, on Twitter, in emails or in news outlet comment sections. Post links to other Donbass news sites, to this Quemado Institute article, to our News from Novorossiya page, or to Quemado Institute’s dedicated website Novorossiya Daily Sun.

We at Quemado Institute cannot promote ourselves. Only you can do it. Why? Twitter will not allow us to post links to our own website. If we try, the tweets do not show up in Twitter search lists. We don’t know whether this is generally true or is censorship against us in particular. Also, many alternate news platforms do not tolerate self-promotion in their comment sections.

Our mission

slavnov30-16qQuemado Institute publishes the full spectrum of Donbass news, using reliable and on-the-scene sources such as the Donetsk News Agency,  Janus Putkonens’ DONi News Press, Fort Russ, Sputnik, Tass, Slavyangrad, Graham Phillips, Essence of Time, Vladimir Suchan, The Duran and many more, including Russian-language sites. We always honor these valued sources with live links to their website, and encourage our readers to visit these sites.

Our hope is that, to some degree through our continuing efforts, people of the West, and especially Western governments, will see the truth about Donbass and stop condoning the terrorist acts that are destroying the lives of Donbass people.

If the world knew the truth, Donbass would be free.

Thank you in advance for helping.


Zakharchenko, Debaltsevo, February 2015

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