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MH17: New Leaked Evidence Confirms Ukrainian Air-to-Air Strike (Updated)

Leaked Documents: Ukrainian Air Force Shot Down MH17
Conspiracy and Guilt Confirmed
By Janus Putkonin

DONi News
May 24, 2017
Edited with conclusion by Kennedy Applebaum
Quemado Institute
May 24, 2017
Updated May 26, 2017: New report on leaked documents at end of post

MH17 wreckage (–BBC/Getty)

A truly sensational new document leak confirms Kiev’s direct responsibility for shooting down the Malesian Airlines flight MH17 in Donbass on July 17, 2014. Ukrainian top secret official documents show us that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was ordered to hide all evidence of Ukrainian responsibility and especially everything which could prove Ukrainian air force involvement in the executed secret state terrorism operation.

The documents were leaked by a Ukrainian official to the Sovershenno Sekretno newspaper. Russian and English translations from the orginal articles are available with copies of the leaked documents, which show written orders given by Ukrainian top officials concerning concealing of the operation of shooting down the flight MH17.

Conclusions from the revealed Ukrainian SBU documents are as follows:

  • To carry out special measures to destroy the facts of a special operation
  • To carry out effective preventive measures among witnesses of special operations on July 17, 2014
  • Identify and detain witnesses of the civil aircraft explosion
  • To regroup the servicemen who discharged of their official duties on the territory of the village Grabovo, Donetsk region
  • As part of a special operation to destroy all the materials that indicate the presence of combat aircraft having carried out combat missions in the specified area on July 17, 2014.

Click for video.
Ukraine SU 25 fly same path as MH17, by Paul Powers, July 25, 2014. The Russian military detected a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the MH17 Boeing on the day of the catastrophe.

Four photocopies which are first revealed in the SBU documents allow us to draw three preliminary and at the same time, crushing conclusions:

1. The new Kiev authorities are responsible for the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines, Boeing 777, flight MH17. President Poroshenko and his generals are hiding the truth and have been lying for 3 years already.

2. Ukraine’s military aviation was involved in the downing of flight MH17, causing the mass murder of almost 300 people.

3. In order to cover the traces of a monstrous crime, from the end of July 2014 the Ukrainian SBU conducted special measures to destroy the facts of the special operation, and all materials that indicate the presence of combat aircraft having carried out combat missions on July 17, 2014.

We recommend you to read all four leaked documents with full English translations: Link to source.


New Leaks Confirm what We Already Knew
Editorial comment by Janus Putkonin

DONi News

The gravity of these leaked documents are huge, showing exactly something that was also seen and understood after the tragedy on the Donbass territory. Confirmation of direct Ukrainian air force involvement in the bloody operation is a long awaited trigger to redirect discussion back on the right track and toward most obvious target concerning the most important question about responsibility for the mass murder: Kiev’s leadership and involvement of the Ukrainian air force.

We need to remember that discussion of involvement of a BUK anti-aircraft missile has no real credibility left, and there is still not a single piece of factual evidence in public that could even point to this mentioned weapon system as responsible for the explosion in the sky that day . . . even though we know that Ukrainian BUK-batteries were fully operational and placed at the striking distance on the day when MH17 was shot down.

All materials which were published intending to lead public attention towards accusations and claims that it was “Donbass militants and Russian responsibility”, provided mostly by the Ukrainian SBU right after the airplane crash, have been debunked already a long time ago. In general, discussion about possible Russian involvement in the BUK launch has been just a geopolitical blame game – empty accusations and claims without real evidence behind them.

To this day the so-called “International Investigation Committee” of the plane crash, led by the Netherlands, hasn’t been able to provide needed answers concerning the tragedy: With what weapon was MH17 shot down, from where and by whom? Soon three years will have passed, and still they know basically nothing?

We haven’t heard the recordings and seen actual data from the MH17 “Black Boxes”, which were provided by the DPR People’s Militia to the investigators. We haven’t seen material from the most important Ukrainian radars, heard the communication of the air controllers – just northing. At the same time the USA, NATO and their allies have not provided any information or data concerning the event, even that we know for sure, that US-NATO satellite and other military intelligence systems were operational in the area at the moment of the tragedy.

What we know is, and also what Ukrainian SBU document leak confirms is:

1. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was personally heading the meeting of the Ukrainian Security Council. Meetings of this main administrational body took place twice on 17 July, 2014, before and right after the plane crash. If we seek main suspects and murderers for the act of state terrorism, they were all there and together.

2. Russia almost immediately after the plane crash provided to the public factual intelligence materials, like radar data and satellite pictures, which also showed involvement of one or more Ukrainian military aircraft near the flight MH17 at time of the explosion.

3. A number of witnesses have told about a military jet or several military jets around the MH17. These testimonies have also been on TV, and people have spoken to media, showing their own faces and names, about what they witnessed on that tragic day.

4. When you observe the open and flat terrain around the crash site, and see that great amount of people living there, you will understand, that tens of thousands of people saw and heard what happened high in the afternoon sky. But still, there are no reliable pictures or videos available, and no masses of people that witnessed an actual launch of a BUK-missile. As we know, that strike would be heard, seen and witnessed by thousands of people, and traces of the missile and its impact in the sky, would have been visible for several minutes after the launch.

5. When the Russian missile manufacturer made its tests of BUK missile systems hitting passenger aircraft and publiced its investigation results, they only proved that what has been claimed and accused simply could not be the truth, and with kind of BUK-system which Ukraine and the West have claimed that MH17 was shot down, it could absolutely not have happened. Russian investigation on the other hand didn’t say that some other kind of BUK missile was used to shoot down MH17, leaving door wide open for involvement of air-to-air missiles.

6. Ukraine shelled heavily and for a long time the crash site where MH17 was shot down (targetting pieces of the plane) and besides that, Ukrainian officials have basically done everything they could to make proper investigation impossible on the MH17 crash site.

7. The only motive what has been presented about “why Donbass defenders and Russia could have been involved in the shooting down of MH17” has been simply because of a mistake. Now, when you consider how Ukraine, the West and its leaders have gained military-political benefits from repeating that “Russia shot down the civilian airliner”, and the fact that it happened just at the moment of devastating Ukrainian military defeat in the Ilovaisk cauldron against DPR forces – the list of Ukrainian motives is almost endless… We should remember that President Petro Poroshenko warned just weeks before about his mysterious “Plan B”—if events on the Donbass battlefield should not unfold the way the Kiev would like to see them, there would be “a nasty surpise” for Donbass defenders—like shooting down a passenger jet and then blaming them?

8. We even know the name of the Ukrainian pilot, who should be held as suspect and possibly directly responsible for launching an air-to-air missile against the civilian airliner, flight MH17, on 07/17/2014.

So, what else do you need to be convinced that real suspects and responsible persons for the mass murder of civilians in the sky over Donbass should not be sought in Donetsk, Lugansk or Russia, but instead in Ukraine, Kiev, Washington and most possibly, NATO headquarters as well?


Conclusion by Kennedy Applebaum
Quemado Institute

May 24, 2017

Piece of wreckage superimposed on photo of a Boeing 777, showing bullet holes and location of pilot.

Quemado Institute has long contended that the most likely scenario for the cause of the crash was that one or more Ukrainian military jets shot down Flight MH17 with missiles and/or heavy machine gun fire. There was ample evidence for this, which Dutch Safety Board Investigative Team conspicuously ignored.

See our analysis essentially debunking the Dutch Safety Board Report: Quemado Institute Rebuttal: MH17 Dutch Investigation Weak, Inconclusive (Updated)


Click to enlarge. Crash site marked at center of image, on border between DPR and LPR just below Debaltsevo pocket.

Our theory on the motive for the crime relates to the fact that the Ukrainian army was at around that time attempting to push through from the Debaltsevo pocket to the Russian border. This was in order to isolate the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and disrupt the coordinated operations of the militias. Unsuccessful on the ground, the Ukrainians needed a further advantage. Knowing a major passenger airline crash along their line of advance would cause sufficient disruption to gain that advantage, they directed the Boeing flight over the DPR-LPR boundary in readiness for the shootdown.

The ploy nearly worked. During the days following the crash, the Ukrainian Army almost succeeded in cutting the last highway connecting the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk. See our analysis: Flight MH17: Theory on the Motive for the Shootdown

Also significant is the Twitter feed of Carlos @Spainbuca, the Spanish air traffic controller who was present in the Kiev air tower at the time of the shootdown. [See the full translated transcript of @Spainbuca tweets at MH17: Full Carlos @Spainbuca Twitter Feed.] Carlos’s tweets confirm the Ukrainians planned and conducted the MH17 terrorist operation with the possible involvement of foreign intelligence. It is logically impossible his Twitter feed could be a hoax, as Carlos had to know about the shootdown while it was happening to have posted tweets with the proper time stamps. The only way he could have known is if he were present at the place where the attack was being coordinated.

For a complete list of Quemado Institute posts on the MH17 shootdown see:


UPDATE May 26, 2017: New Report of Evidence on MH17 Cover-up

War In The Donbass Eastern Ukraine Update 26th May:
Facts Emerge On The Shooting Down Of MH17

The International Reporter
May 26, 2017

EXCERPTS on MH17: Gordon Duff Editor’s note [International Reporter]: The article below with documentation came from Ukraine and has been vetted as “moderately reliable or better.” I have set a team on it to do cleanup but we did review sources and decided to put it up with minimal reformatting out of “need to know.” This is very much a public issue. What this does is present documentation that Ukrainian security services planned the coverup of MH17, reasonable evidence that they are responsible for the downing of that crash. This is not easy to follow.

[Top Secret] documents of the Security Service of Ukraine: At the disposal of the newspaper “Sovershenno sekretno” were copies of secret documents of the Security Service of Ukraine on the conduct of a special operation to destroy the evidence of mass murder in the sky over the Donbass on July 17, 2014….

To distrust own eyes—this was an unconscious desire when we first saw photocopies of these documents. Most of them, as judged by the holes of paper punch, were extracted from some folders and photographed. Orders, encrypted telegrams, plans and decrees are written on the official trident-crowned letterhead of … the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), as well as on ordinary sheets of A4. Signatures, resolutions, seals. The secret bureaucracy of the Ukrainian Bezpeki “have fallen into our hands which is the TNT equivalent explosion of the international scandal that should bring the President of Ukraine Poroshenko and his generals to the dock of the tribunal at the Hague as war criminals. The person who gave us these documents always appeared out of nowhere and disappeared into nowhere. During our several meetings in the course of a month he …

And that’s why – there is no other way out – the newspaper “Sovershenno sekretno” announces a public investigation “We uncover a secret of Boeing MH17 wreckage “. Only with your help we can get other criminal orders, encrypted telegrams and decrees. The international commission for investigation of the Malaysian Boeing 777 crash in the Netherlands does not want to work, distorts and classifies the investigation results, let’s all together help to know or at least get closer to the truth. The truth is about how 298 people died. Only these four photocopies allow us to draw three preliminary crushing conclusions. The first conclusion is: the new Kiev authorities is responsible for the shooting up of the Malaysian Boeing 777 MH17 flight – President Poroshenko and his generals hide the truth and lie for 3 years already. The second conclusion is: Ukraine’s military aviation is involved in this resonant plane crash. The third conclusion is: in order to cover the traces of a monstrous crime, from the end of July 2014 the SBU conducted special measures to destroy the facts of the special operation and all materials that indicate the presence of combat aircraft having carried out combat missions on July 17, 2014». …


[Substantial article shows text of leaked documents on MH17 coverup as well as detailed analysis.]



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