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Amidst Fake News Tsunami, We Stand As An Island Of Truth

Alternate Media Goes Beserk
By Karl Pomeroy

Quemado Institute
February 2, 2017

Tsunami (--DoSomething.org)

Tsunami (–DoSomething.org)

Never have I seen so much confusion in the alternate media. The mainstream press used to the provenance of fake news. Now these damaging fairy tales are fabricated, conjured, manufactured and sensationalized by even the surliest non-mainstream platforms. It’s like a shattering blast from a tidal wave of mass psychotic dementia.

Global Research, Strategic Culture Foundation, Moon of Alabama, Information Clearing House—none publish the truth anymore. With apologies to Adam Garrie below, The Duran seems to publish more truth than any site I’m aware of. Paul Craig Roberts is usually good, but occasionally starkly disappointing. If there are better sources than these, please enlighten me, lest I abandon blogging and take up the bagpipes full time.

Witness the following:

  • Vladimir Putin (--Daily Express)

    Vladimir Putin (–Daily Express)

    Alex Jones at Infowars now “reveals” that Vladimir Putin has secretly organized all of the anti-Trump protests—and Jones has a “documentary” to prove it.

  • Jonathan Marshall at Robert Parry’s Consortium News alleges the “jury is out” on who started the latest war provocations in Donbass, as if maybe it wasn’t Kiev, but could just as easily have been the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics!
  • Adam Garrie of The Duran sagatiously “informs” us Novorossiya is losing the war because it lacks weapons and training—as if the DPR/LPR could not smash Kiev’s forces and drive them out of Donbass.
  • Paul Craig Roberts recently opined that the Muslim threat is globalist propaganda, implying Donald Trump is either an elitist puppet or a blumbling fool. And now Roberts claims Trump has lost control of his agenda and is a bumbling fool on the issue of Iran.
  • Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge alleges, without consulting the facts, that Trump threatened to send US troops to get Mexico’s “bad hombres” and that Trump also hung up on Australia’s prime minister, both accusations based on such “trustworthy” news sources as AP and the Washington Post.
  • Ron Paul is one floundering soul, so inconsistent himself he recently vilified Trump for inconsistency. And now Paul says Trump’s wall won’t work, because a little piece of fence on the Texas border didn’t stop the drug trade.

The list goes on.

George Soros (--Roma Portraits)

George Soros (–Roma Portraits)

Quemado Institute stands by the truth as we see it. We do not solicit donations and post no advertisements (what few you see are from WordPress). Our one incentive is truth. Lies, falsehood, insanity, hatred, cruelty, destructiveness, fabrication—we work hard to clear this scum from information flow of the internet. But the tsunami of chaos overwhelms us.

By strange, or perhaps less than strange, coincidence, since Donald Trump took office, the truth seems nowhere to be found. Exceptions are the following three links, and even then not always: Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed; The Duran; and Paul Craig Roberts.

The upshot is: Soros & gang have triumphed over the media. And this has happened not because Soros has acquired an internet monopoly, but because alternate websites can’t get their act together.

Let’s be clear:

  • Alex Jones is just plain wrong. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are both anti-globalists. The two presidents are aligned on the main issues. It is the rabid fascist George Soros who arranges these protests behind the scenes. What has Alex Jones to gain by vilifying Putin and undermining Trump? Simple answer: notoriety, fame, and money-money-money. (His comment section has given him hell.)
  • Robert Parry has always been a hypocritical Trump-hater. But never had I seen him post a report unsympathetic to the plight of Donbass. Is this a new sensationalist twist to garner traffic for his offensive website? It is Kiev that has escalated the war in Donbass, brutally attacking the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, especially over the last few days, while the Novorossiya Armed Forces barely defend their territory, and then only to block an enemy breakthrough.
  • Border "wall" in Texas

    Border “wall” in Texas

    Adam Garrie means well and is often an excellent commentator. But he is not well versed on the Donbass war. Were it allowed by Moscow, Novorossiya has enough weapons and expertise to drive the Ukrainian Army out of the Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts, and some say all the way to Kiev. It is not for want of military might that Novorossiya is languishing, as the Debaltsevo victory proved in February 2015. Donbass has taken a passive stance in the latest attacks for one reason: Putin wants to prove to the world he is not in violation of Minsk. Indeed, the Russian President has used strong-arm politics and possibly even assassinations to force his will on the Donbass militias.

  • The Zero Hedge claim that Trump threatened Mexico with US troops has been debunked by, well, Infowars.
  • Paul Craig Roberts is usually a good source, so it is especially disappointing when occasionally he misses the mark. Trump is not an elitist puppet, and the Muslim threat is not a globalist trick. Radical Islamic racism, sexism and violent totalitarianism should shock the senses of every reasoning person. Nor has Trump lost control of his agenda. He has had only ten days—and less than a day since Rex Tillerson’s confirmation—to order a back-off of the US military in Europe. Tillerson was key, a blackmail tool of the Democrats to tie the President’s hands.
  • Ron Paul, like a wandering lamb, seems to have lost his way, and despises Trump for reasons unknown. Since the senator and the billionaire agree on most issues, Paul is forced to conjure wild notions to find ways to vilify the President. He alleges Trump is inconsistent, saying one thing one day and the opposite the next, when few politicians have been as consistent as Trump. Trump hammers his themes in speeches, drums them on Twitter, and carries them out in practice. Moreover, the wall will work, despite Paul’s whining that the border fence in Texas has “separated families.” That’s what borders do, senator.
"There are 6 media companies today. There used to be 88. All 6 get their news from Reuters and Associated Press. Reuters owns AP and Rothschilds own Reuters." --HumansAreFree.com (--breaknotizie.com)

“There are 6 media companies today. There used to be 88. All 6 get their news from Reuters and Associated Press. Reuters owns AP and Rothschilds own Reuters.” –HumansAreFree.com (–breaknotizie.com)

I don’t know where to find honest news anymore. Even alternate sites rely on endless links to Reuters, the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN. How can they read these digital rags without absorbing neocon fake news? They can’t. And so—surprise!—they are influenced. This means the Rothschilds, George Soros, the banking cartels, the transnational corporations, the pharmaceutical industry and the neocon war hawks infesting the European and US aristocracy are taking over the alternate media through sheer unadulterated persuasion.

Take heed, alternate media, and get your act together.

The good news is, judging by the comments under these horrible fake articles that abound, the broader public is not fooled.




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