A Day in Novorossiya – March 3, 2015

There is relative quiet at the front, with scattered incidents of shelling around the Donetsk airport, where some 400 bodies of Ukrainian troops have been uncovered in the rubble. Still, Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire, on the outskirts of Donetsk and Peski, eight times during the night (Tass News Agency). And the threatening intervention of the Western world continues to loom over Novorossiya. It is “peace at any cost”, even at the cost of a slide toward World War III, as the Orwellian “Normandy Four” foreign ministers from Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France, but tellingly not from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR/LPR), are set to meet Friday March 6 to discuss the introduction of “peacekeepers” (Voice of Sevastopol Monday Sitrep). A clear defiance of the Minsk 2.0 Agreements, this formidable step, if approved, might nullify the truce completely. Such “peacekeeping” forces could hardly be neutral, given that Ukraine enjoys, for reasons inconceivable, the irrational support of most UN governments. And like the OSCE, such forces would blame any ceasefire violations on Novorossiya.

Entangling more nations in this central European conflict is a slippery nudge toward another World War, unless a mechanism is established to keep peace among the peacekeepers. And who is assigned this improbable task? Russia? Of course, that rabid dog called the USA, determined to thrust its will upon the world, is planning to send 300 military “instructors” to teach the Ukrainians how to fight a “modern war” (Colonel Cassad). Since when has America won a modern war? Maybe the Yankees will so confuse the Ukies it will prove, for Novorossiya, a blessing in disguise. Still a Yankee-Ukie coalition adds torque to the maelstrom that is dragging the rest of the world into central Europe’s turmoil. Inexplicably, the powers that be don’t see the pattern, even though it’s obvious to the rest of us. Nor do they care. To further befuddle the dazed Kiev army is a planned Ukrainian troop rotation, replacing battle-hardened fighters with greenhorns, thus decreasing the “already low combat readiness of Ukrainian formations” (Fort Russ). But Poroshenko’s regime needs a “victory”, like America needed the Challenger Disaster, a “victory” politically driven against the manifest forces of Nature. And as a “last gasp”, Kiev might go for Crimea, the catastrophic test.

Meanwhile, the DPR/LPR continue to make themselves vulnerable by withdrawing heavy weapons from the contact line, even while Kiev regroups its forces (Sputnik News), removing only faulty equipment and hiding the rest in smashed-down houses or under a draping of nets (Colonel Cassad). And the Kiev regime’s Spring offensive looks to be still in the works. Strikes are expected near Dokuchaevsk, which stands on the western front about 30 km north-northeast of Volhovakha and 50 km from the Russian border. A breakthrough there could isolate Novoasovsk, the DPR’s seacoast town, from the rest of the Republic. At the same time, Kiev continues to amass arms in the district of Volnovakha, always a fragile neck in the DPR’s southern handle.

All the while, foreign countries seem to be crystalizing their alignment with the criminal regime of the technical terrorists in Kiev. The eight Spaniards arrested for defending Donbass, “where the Ukrainian army bombards innocent citizens, hospitals and kindergartens”, themselves are charged with terrorist acts as a result of their very humanism. Indeed, the “vindictive attitude of the government of [Spain’s Prime Minister] Mariano Rajoy, accusing them of ‘terrorism’ is indicative of the the attitude of EU and NATO member-states”, says Antarsya astutely (Antarsya).

It would be funny if it weren’t so serious, notes Russia Insider, in an article exposing the fabrications of Western journalists who blame Russia in the propaganda war. About who won in Debaltsevo: “The separatists have invented the facts with the overt support of Moscow,” says Fornoff, host of ZDF, the German propaganda channel. What makes mainstream propaganda so perilous today is that Western governments like that of the US have muzzled their own intelligence agencies, except for the purpose of foreign coup operations, relying on Zionist-dominated corporate and government-paid media for their “technical” situation reports.

But the truth gets out, thanks to alternate sources, as the Swiss take to streets to support Novorossiya (Novorossia Today video), and Dresden activist Lothar Geubert brings over 800 kg of humanitarian aid to Donbass (Sputnik News). “In Germany there are many people that want to help the people of Novorossiya” says Geubert.

And how are these people living? Elena Lavrova of the city of Gorlovka, which has suffered intense shelling since August, situated as it is beside the Debaltsevo cauldron, retains an undercurrent of optimism due to her amazing faith despite the devastation ( Were her house destroyed, she says, she would not weep nor wring her hands nor escape to her beloved Russia. She would go to the Militia and ask for weapons. All the people of Donbass are one, she says, no matter on which side of the line they live.

Really, except for the powers that be and their blind devotees, we’re all on the same side of this war.

Karl Pomeroy
Quemado Institute
March 3, 2015



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