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Ukraine Anti-Terrorist Operation: 1,200 NATO and Foreign Mercenary Troops Killed or Wounded

1,200 Foreign Mercenearies Killed or Wounded in Ukraine ATO

March 11, 2015
Autotranslated from Russian

The loss of foreign mercenaries and NATO troops in Donbass during the period from 2 May 2014 to 15 February 2015 has been estimated at 1,200 people. The greatest losses among foreign mercenaries, suffered in the punitive [Ukraine anti-terrorist] operation, were as follows: Polish PMC “ASBS Othago” lost 394 men (killed and wounded), the American PMCs “Greystone” lost 180 people, American PMCs “Academi” (until 2009 known as Blackwater) lost 269 people, the Baltic women snipers lost 26 people, and the CIA lost 25 employees. In addition, according to some experts, among the encircled punitive troops in Debaltseve, about 25% of the personnel (approximately 2,200 people) were NATO troops and foreign mercenaries. This explains the diplomatic activity of the leaders of the West and the arrival in Moscow of the heads of state of France and Germany. We can assume the losses in the Debaltsevo cauldron among NATO military and NATO allies (killed and wounded) to be:

1. Airborne Service UK – about 20 people
2. United States Military Special Operations Forces – about 15 people
3. French Foreign Legion – 10 people
4. Polish military – about 10 people
5. Israeli military – about 10 people
6. Croatian military – about 10 people

Editor’s note: The above report is an edited autotranslation from the Vkontakt page of an organization that calls itself “Strelkov”. Although this is not the page of Igor Strelkov himself, some pro-Novorossiya analysts consider the source reliable. Material from was also used to assist in the translation. The original in Russian is at Counting the losses of foreign military in the Donbas from the pros (Mar 3), by Igor Panarin. The Liveleak translation may be found at NATO loss in Novorossiya. It appears the Liveleak version has ommitted the mention of Israeli troops, as can be verified from the Russian original.




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