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Konstantinovka Tank Accident Uprising


Konstantinovka: Fort Russ Reports. See Ukrainian BMP runs over a mom with kids in Konstantinovka (video) (Mar 16).


Konstantinovka: Fort Russ Updates. See LIVE UPDATES: Konstantinovka Revolt. DPR flag raised over the SBU building (March 16).

Konstantinovka Unrest After Tank Hit & Run: RT Reports. See Ukrainian police get ‘shoot-to-kill orders’ amid unrest over army hit & run killing of 8-year-old (Mar 16).

Konstantinovka: TWITTER Reports. At about UTC 20:00 March 16, Konstantinovka, a city of 76,000, is experiencing civil unrest after a Ukrainian tank accident that apparently killed two civilians. Greg Butterfield of Red Star Over Donbass tweets at about 20:00 UTC: “Rebellion in Kostiantynivka: Ukraine barracks ablaze after mother & child killed. YouTube.” Another source tweets: “Ukraine people are burning army barracks in occupied town and in response Obama’s Poroshenko started shelling Donetsk City.” GB, a reliable source, tweets at 21:00: “NAF [Novorossiya Armed Forces] is in battle-alert status. No other information beyond that.” GB adds: “FLASH—KONSTANTINOVKA—People continue coming out on the streets in Konstantinovka. Reports of a helicopter coming from Kramatorsk to city.” Another source tweets: “Locals rioting in Konstantynivka streets (Donetsk reg) after a Ukr military vehicle hit civilians today. Governor sent MIA rep to investigate.” Another source tweets: “Ukrainian armoured vehicle drivers that killed woman & child in Konstantinovka reportedly detained & ‘evacuated’ to Kramatorsk.” More tweets from several sources at 21:30 UTC: “Armored vehicle knocked down 7 year old girl near Donetsk, Poroshenko allowed to local police shoot to kill on a crowd of protesters.” Zerohedge tweets: “Civil revolt in Konstantinovka, West of Donetsk after Ukr military run over two persons, Ukraine forces appear on the move also.” Another source: “If the locals take up arms, DNR LNR forces in Gorlovka could keep the Ukraine army distracted by attacking Dzerzhinsk.” GB tweets: “FLASH—Continued reports that Ukraine is pulling reinforcements toward Konstantinovka.” John Delacour answers: “Only a couple of hours ago 34 ukronazi tanks were travelling FROM Konstantinovka towards Donetsk. Have they turned back?” GB replies: “Those were destined for near Donetsk. Armour is coming from Kharkov through Konstantinovka to Peski, etc. Light armour is coming from Artyomovsk to Konstantinovk to quell the uprising.” John Delacour replies: “Ah, Artëmovsk makes sense. They have been reinforcing there for days, as you know. Watch StanitsaLuganskaya too. Things could break.” John Delacour tweets at 22:00 UTC: “More nazis, RightSector, assorted UA thugs arriving in Konstantinovka. People fear a massacre. Ukrops all over the place. NAF HELP!” Another source tweets at 22:30 UTC “Right now! If we do not come to the rescue, Konstantinovka waits Night Massacre, a real night of the long knives! Help! Ukry on the streets!” MS, a reliable source, tweets at 22:30 UTC: “FLASH Konstantinovka reported to be completly cut out from Mobile or Internet Communications.” GB tweets at 22:30 UTC: “Gorlovka garrison is closest, but it is spread thin. #Debatlsevo is still in low clean-up stage.” A reliable source replies at 24:00: “There are heavily fortified roadblocks on the road to Gorlovka. Not easy. Maybe Reconnaissance & Sabotage units…” slavyanskmar16n NL, a reliable source, tweets at 22:30 UTC: “#HELP—#URGENT—Appeal for immediate help from #Konstantinovka.” (Text at left is included in message.) NL adds: “Multiple fires, sirens and alarms, shouting in Konstantinovka.” Another source tweets at 23:00: “I think some Nazis are getting the Odessa treatment in Konstantinovka tonight. UAF shooting into crowd, people wanna trap and burn them.” John Delacour says: “#Konstantinovka A RightSector jeep has hit a mine and exploded, killing all the occupants.” RJ tweets: “Any chance pro #Russia fighters will move to Konstantinovka to combat RightSector?” Another source replies: “I think they’re too far back…they would have to break through a few checkpoints to get there.” Another source tweets at 23:30 UTC: “Geraschenko: ‘police will be shooting to kill. If there is no time to warn , we will be shooting to kill immediately.’ #Konstantinovka.” Other sources speculate all mobile communications have been cut because a massacre is to happen. Communications are all coming from nearby villages. Olga Luzanova tweets at 23:50 UTC: “#ALL – Konstantinovka: People have rebelled not against just regime, but against heavy armour. No more sufferance & fear. A real fortitude!” Another source says: “Ukraine claims #Konstantinovka protesters have fled . So why cut internet, mobiles to stop anyone saying different?” slavyanskmar16p

Editor’s note: Konstantinovka lies in Kiev-held territory about 20 km west of Artyemovsk, and approximately midway north-south between Kramatorsk and Gorlovka, some 40 km from each.




Konstantinovka Tank Accident Uprising [Auto-translation] Tatiana Steshenko March 16, 21:54 The crowd outside of the APU, located on the seventh school in Konstantinoke Donetsk region, gradually began to disperse. About 100 people came here in the region of 19:30 turned the empty bus and set it on fire. “Well arson was certainly not very strong – people are released and all pairs. Hatred and rolls over. Now the crowd, of course, became less, but people continue to stand by the APU parts” – raskazal “lead” an eyewitness. According to him, to the townspeople approached several times by people in mufti and asked to leave. Some have gone as soon as it became known, that those responsible for the accident detained. Also, he said, the military fired several shots into the air to scare the crowd. In the theme of social networking share pictures of dead girls in Kostyantynivka. The accident occurred on Monday 16 March at 14.42 at the University Avenue, near the city hospital number 5, the press service of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. All under the tracks of the combat vehicle hit three pedestrians. Mother and child second woman, who was in a wheelchair, were taken to hospital. Later Kostyantynivka spontaneously gathered people set fire to the hostel, which is housed in the Ukrainian security forces and call girls to give them murderers. The crew of the BMD, which is now in the Donetsk region Konstantinovka knocked the woman and children, law enforcement officers moved in Kramatorsk. This UNN reported in the local militia.

Red Star Over Donbass. A rally will be held in Donetsk today, March 17, in memory of children killed by the Ukrainian army in Donbass, including 8-year-old Pauline who perished in Konstantinovka last evening. See Donetsk rally in memory of children killed in Donbass (Mar 17). [If article does not appear, please scroll down to title.]

Rally Held in Memory of Children Truth about situation in Ukraine March 17, 2015

Donetsk, Rally in Memory of Children, March 17, 2015 (--Truth about Situation in Donbass)

Donetsk, Rally in Memory of Children, March 17, 2015 (–Truth about Situation in Ukraine)

Residents of Donetsk have gathered to honour the memory of a 8-year-old girl Polina of Konstantinovka and other Donbass children killed by the Ukrainian army. People brought flowers, candles and carried placards saying “We mourn, it hurts us…”, “They wanted to live”, “Poroshenko and Co! How many more children’s lives will you take away?”

Konstantinovka: A Resident Speaks. A dweller of Konstantinovka wrote in facebook on March, 17: “The night was tough. It seems, it became the last night for some people. There was shooting, smoke and tar. Ukies pulled up reinforcements consisting of the Right Sector members and unleashed them at the population. I feel bad, when I think of Ukie faggots raiding the blocks of apartments. Yesterday a general arrived and addressed the crowd; a granny started shouting at him: ‘Why are your drunken soldiers killing our children? Go away and take your beasts with you!’ To that he retorted: ‘They are not beasts, they are heroes, who are defending you from terrorists’. Fuck them, the Banderite scum, THEY are the terrorists, and not the militiamen. Everything quieted down by now, and the Right Secs roam about the town and grab people. On what grounds the people are grabbed, I do not know, perhaps, out of the blue. At night many people had been deported in police vans. We’ll soon take to the streets, and I will say more: we are ready to fight back. If the need arises, we will barehanded strangle the Banderite scum, we will pick machine-guns off their corpses and defend ourselves, but we will not make it without help. I hope Zakhar will move his arse there in Donetsk and send us support or at least arms. If no one arrives, Ukies will arrest every one, who came to the scene of the incident yesterday. The rats brightened up and started squeaking”.

Konstantinovka: Tuesday Rally Protests Ukraine Army Presence. A rally of more than a hundred angry residents took place today, March 17, in Konstantinovka, to protest the behavior of the occupying Ukrainian army who are often seen drunk, following the death of an 8-year-old girl killed by a Ukrainian tank. The Tass News Agency article is at Rally in Ukrainian town urges troops to leave after combat vehicle kills 8-year-old — TV (Mar 17).

Colonel Cassad: Riot in Konstantinovka. “[S]ilent hatred of the ‘liberated’ towards their ‘liberators’ is slowly growing under the foot of the fascist occupation. Today this hatred broke out,” says Cassad. See commentary with videos at When hatred finds an outlet (Mar 16).

Konstantinovka The Morning After. The Kiev-occupied city of 67,000 residents where a Ukrainian tank has killed a mother and child looks like a ghost town this morning, as people fear reprisals over the riot that followed the accident. The Fort Russ report may be found at The morning after the riots: Konstantinovka is a ghost town (video) (Mar 17), by Kristina Rus. .



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