Commander Givi Assassination Attempt

March 19, 2015

According to LifeNews, there has been an assassination attempt on Novorossiya Armed Forces Somalia Battalion Commander Givi.

Givi Assassination Attempt. See video Assassination attempt on Givi 19/03/15 interview with Givi (Mar 19), subtitles by Kazzura.

Givi Assassination Attempt LifeNews with video in Russian March 19, 2015 [Rough-edited Autotranslation by K. Pomeroy]

DPR Commander Givi (--LifeNews)

DPR Commander Givi (–LifeNews)

The car of the well-known commander of DPR militia unit “Somalia” Givi came under unknown fire. In silver KIA was released at least 12 rounds of 5,45 × 39 mm. The commander said he was only saved by the fact that he had to jump out of the car, said the soldier in an exclusive interview with LifeNews. The attack on Givi’s car happened during the day, when the commander went out of town to the militia positions in Makeevka. When leaving the area of Chernogvardeyskogo a silver foreign car overtook the blue car VAZ-2109 and began to brake sharply. The unknown [shooter] opened fire. Givi says that he was saved by his reaction rate. “I managed to jump out of the car, and it is self-propelled and already rolled on. I counted 12 hits in the car. Hit came to the back door, on the glass, touched the engine. I saw the car, took out a weapon, a gift from Zakharchenko, opened fire, but they jumped up and went to the side of the ring road,” said the commander of “Somalia” to reporters from LifeNews. Givi will not accept an appointed guard to accompany the car as a result of the incident. “I ride without protection, I fear no one. I’m on my own territory. Everyone says that it is necessary to introduce protection. We do not VIPs to protect us,” concluded the legendary militia.



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