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Rumor Commander Givi Wounded Is Enemy Misinformation, Death Was Claimed Falsely – (With New Addendum February 8 2017)

by Kennedy Applebaum
June 15, 2015
Edited June 16, 2015
Edited February 9, 2017
Addendum February 8, 2017 (see end of post)

Safe and OK

Update June 15, 23:50 UTC: We apologize to our followers for the false report of Somali Battalion Commander Givi’s death that appeared earlier Monday June 15. Thankfully, the apparent rumor, which was posted by two enemy sources, has been confirmed false. There was a report from that Givi had indeed been wounded seriously (see below), but this was never independently confirmed. Meanwhile on Twitter, New Russia Press is said to have reported at about 17:00 UTC that Commander GIVI is safe and OK, and that the news in Ukrainian Media was only lies. Ukrainian Army shelled a house where they think GIVI was.

Update June 16, 22:00 UTC:

Commander Givi Video

Russkaya Vesna / June 16, 2015 / Local journalists put several questions to ‘Somalia’ battallion commander Givi, among them was his rumored death and internal conflict with DPR Defence Ministry. Watch the video to hear the answers from one of Novorossia heroes.  Click here for video:

Givi on his “death” and current situation [ENG SUBS]
(Click CC for subtitles.)

Novorossia ‘Somalia’ battallion commander Givi answers some burning questions and gives brief overview of the current situation and his recent “death”.


The following is the Quemado Institute original post when the rumor of Givi’s “death” was first heard. We will leave it as it stands, for the record:

Somalia Baattalion Commander Givi

Somalia Baattalion Commander Givi

June 15, 2015 Report on Givi
by Kennedy Applebaum

Enemy sources claim they intercepted a conversation in which a deputy said Commander Givi of the Somalia battalion has died of wounds after a projectile hit the 95th brigade militia headquarters. This possible piece of tragic news has only just reached us and may not be true. I will update this page as soon as reliable information is found.

Givi, known as the Lionheart, has been one of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s most effective, well-known and beloved commanders, who has been especially heroic during the defense of the Donetsk Airport.

If this dire report is true, and we are hoping to confirm otherwise, it would be an unparalleled tragedy not just for Novorossiya but for the entire free world.

Givi’s real name is Mikhail Tolstoy.

Article from

Media: Commander of Somali Battalion Givi
Wounded in Donetsk Airport
June 15, 2015

The head of a battalion of militia “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstykh, more famous as Givi, received a serious wound in the region of Donetsk airport…. With him were also wounded another fifteen people, all of them heavy. [Editor’s Note: The rest of the report is not clear due to apparent autotranslation at the source.]


Update June 16, 02:15 UTC:

Related Article:
There’s a truth in those false reports of Givi’s Being

Killed or Wounded: With Them Kiev Admits the Bombardment

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter
Fort Russ
June 15, 2015

The DNI [DPR] denies that “Givi” has been wounded: They bury him for the eighth time.

Somalia and Sparta Commanders Givi and Motorola

Somalia and Sparta Commanders Givi and Motorola

A DNR spokesman in an interview with TV channel Звезда (“Star”) denied media reports about Givi (the nickname of battalion commander DNI “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy) being wounded. Earlier, some media reported that “Givi” was injured by a projectile that hit the headquarters of the Ukrainian militia in the region of Donetsk airport. “I sat next to him, chatted with him; we talked. They’re burying him for the seventh or eighth time. I spoke with him at the headquarters an hour ago – he was alive and healthy. This is all done to excite the public,” deputy corps commander Eduard Basurin DNI told the TV channel Звезда. Basurin added that such false reports of the Ukrainian media, which tend to be the primary source of “fakes,” put their authors in a bad light. Yet these fake reports have some truth: to spread them, Kiev has to admit that in spite of Minsk II, they are bombarding the militia.


Graham Phillips with Givi and friend

Graham Phillips with Givi and Patrick Lancaster

Graham Phillips Interviews Commander Givi. In this 2.5 minute video of Givi by Graham Phillips, posted at Fort Russ with a transcript in English, the famous Somali Battalion commander says, “Even the Germans didn’t do this. To strike peaceful civilians, I think is not right.” See Commander Givi interview: “A war is coming” (video) (made June 12, posted June 15, translated by Kristina Rus).


Addendum February 8, 2017

GIVI, Symbol of Donbass, Killed in Donetsk – RIP

We pay tribute to this brave commander who gave hope to the entire free world. May he rest in peace.


slavfeb8-17yGivi, a militia commander, killed in Donetsk / Novorossia Vision / February 8, 2017 / n the morning of 8 February, in Donetsk was killed the legendary commander of the «Somalia» unit, Mikhail Tolstykh, better known as Givi. The explosion occurred at his workplace on the «Somalia» base. The DPR Prosecutor’s Office said that it had been a terrorist attack. ‘We know who these people are. We will find them, and they will be punished to the fullest extent of the laws of war,’ said the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic. Givi became one of the main enemies of the Ukrainian army after he had made «cyborgs» captured in the Donetsk airport, eat their straps in the presence of journalists. Earlier, as a result of another terrorist attack, there was killed another leader of the Novorossia militia, Arsen Pavlov «Motorola». He was blown up in the elevator of his apartment building.


DPR head A. Zakharchenko press conference on
assassination of top commander Givi
February 8, 2017
Click for VIDEO (English subs)
DPR head A. Zakharchenko press conference on this mornings assassination of DPR
“Somalie” battalion commander Colonel Mikhail “GIVI” Tolstykh
Video by Patrick Lancaster


Givi Tribute – Donetsk good times – RIP
Click for video.
WesternTruthTV – February 8, 2017


slavfeb8-17sIn memory: “If one day, we aren’t here…” Givi & Motorola [Videos at source] / Translated by Inessa Sinchougova for Fort Russ / February 8, 2017 / Since the start of the Ukrainian conflict in 2014, commanders Givi and Motorola, both of whom have now perished at the hands of the Kiev junta, have been defending the Donbass region from the Ukrainian army, the far-Right Ukro-fascists, paid mercenaries, and their Washington-based founders. Throughout the conflict, Western media portrayed them as rebels and separatists, despite the fact they were defending their own land. After the murder of Motorola, Givi recorded the following message – clearly spoken in mourning for his friend. It is with great sadness to have to report that Givi did not live to see a peaceful Donbass. Thank you for your service and rest in peace. [Videos available at source.]


slavfeb8-17qCommander GIVI – RIP



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