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Cologne Attacks: Did America Orchestrate the Migrant Crisis?

Introduction by Karl Pomeroy
Quemado Institute
January 17, 2016

Railway station by Cologne Cathedral (--rushincrash.com)

Railway station by Cologne Cathedral (–rushincrash.com)

The crisis of the migrant invasion of Europe, exemplified in the horrific attacks against some 100 women in Cologne on New Years Eve, could well mean the end of European civilization as we know it—civilization here implying guaranteed safety and dignity for all law-abiding persons in public places. No writer I know of brings this issue into more vivid perspective than US-educated political commentator Andrew Korybko. Yet, interwoven into Korybko’s largely incontrovertible analysis are questionable elements—tacit assumptions for which I see no evidence.

Korybko assumes the US is out to destroy Europe, and that America deliberately fomented the migrant crisis as a means of European destabilization. Korybko is not alone in this anti-American reactionist viewpoint. Many pro-Russian analysts blame all world upheaval on the United States—presumably, meaning its government. Yet they offer little specific evidence for this blanket allegation, seeming to forget that China invaded, annexed and crushed Tibet and Xinjiang, acquiring in a single decade an area almost the size of India; that Russia effectively seized Eastern Europe and overran Afghanistan during the twentieth century; and that Europe itself spawned insidious and destabilizing corruption in the form of the Western banking industry. While US actions abroad are despicable and shocking in their blind brutality, an outright aim of destroying Europe seems beyond the capacity of even the raving neocons in Washington.

Despite his sometimes questionable hypotheses, Andrew Korybko’s evaluation of the European refugee crisis is worth a critical read.

Sexual Terrorism In The Heart Of Europe
Guest Article
by Andrew Korybko

The Saker
January 8, 2016

Cologne, New Years 2016 (--newyearsevepartyplaces)

Cologne, New Years 2016 (–newyearsevepartyplaces)

The festive revelry of New Year’s celebrations abruptly turned into a horrible nightmare of sexual terrorism for at least 100 German women in the city of Cologne. The large-scale attack seems to have been planned well in advance and coordinated among the nearly 1000 “refugees” that took part in it, and the widespread fear that it instilled in the population is leading to a backlash against the authorities. The hyper liberal-progressive elite that dominate the German political scene enabled the attack by virtue of their blind adherence to the ideology of “human rights”, which dogmatically stipulates that each and every non-Western individual scurrying to enter the EU is a “victimized refugee” that is automatically entitled to a swath of affirmative action-provided legal and economic benefits.

Of course, behind the “human rights” veneer lies the cynical imperative for young, cheap, and uneducated imported labor to fuel Germany’s continued rise, but by and large, the majority of the “human rights” adherents in the country aren’t aware of this hidden objective and sincerely believe in their country’s unofficial (albeit institutionalized) ideology. On the other hand, an increasingly critical mass of citizens are awakening from their state-induced slumber and coming out in protest against the authorities, with some of the grassroots opposition regretfully taking on a fascist and racist tint.

By and large, it appears as though the “refugee” crisis is wildly succeeding in its ultimate US-scripted objective of destabilizing the EU from within. Washington has engineered and choreographed the forceful imposition of identity-driven divide-and-rule tactics right into the heart of Europe, all with the end goal of making the continent’s strongest actors overwhelmingly vulnerable to on-demand Color Revolution threats. It’s this Damocles’ Sword of a matrix of uncontrollable violence between the citizens and the state, locals and “refugees”, the far-left and the far-right, and “refugees” and the state, that is expected to scare Europe’s most important decision makers (Angela Merkel chief among them) into continuing their subservience to the US.

Sexual Terrorism

Cologne attacks (--diversitymachtfrei.blogspot.com)

Cologne attacks (–diversitymachtfrei.blogspot.com)

The savagery that occurred in Cologne on New Year’s Eve can be described as nothing less than sexual terrorism. As shocking as this neologism might be for those who have just read it for the first time, it’s actually the only way to accurately depict the event itself and the implicit motivations behind it. Terrorism has always been about making the target feel so afraid that it coweringly complies with whatever the aggressor demands of it, it’s just that in the recent conception of this tactic it’s popularly taken the form of killing (notoriously by means of beheadings, explosions, and indiscriminate shooting) in order to advance a Wahhbist agenda. In this case, the Wahhabist agenda is still implied, but the means are a bit different. Instead of wanton killing sprees, a wave of wanton sexual assaults is being used.

In what might be the first time this has happened in recent memory, it appears as though all media outlets reporting on this attack are in agreement about every one of the facts. It’s universally recognized that around 1000 teenagers and young men of Mideast and North African heritage descended on a crowded square in Cologne right outside the local train station and historical church. In the pandemonium that soon followed, this riotous gang used glass bottles and fireworks to intimidate the locals that were present and then proceeded to systematically grope as many of the women that were there as possible. Some of the victims were even raped, and one account states that the helpless women were forced to run a gauntlet of unspeakable terror as hundreds of frenzied “refugees” grabbed every part of their body as they could while the victims haphazardly attempted to flee to safety.

The word “refugee” is obviously being used tongue-in-cheek by the author as no genuine refugee would ever dream of sexually assaulting anyone in the host nation that’s doing everything it can to help them start a new and safer life. Only individuals that had arrived in the country motived by greedy or ideological pursuits could ever fathom to commit such a crime, let alone to plot it with around 1000 conniving cohorts. Speaking on the former motivation, it’s already been widely suspected that many of the “refugees” are actually economic piggybackers who hope to get rich at the expense of the German taxpayer or literally die trying as they make their overseas journey there, while the latter are Wahhabist/Muslim Brotherhood supporters that want to exploit the hyper liberal-progressive values system of the EU in order to impose strict Sharia law on their hosts.

It’s this second group of individuals that is thought to comprise a sizeable proportion of the “refugees”. These ideological flunkies (be they from Syria, Somalia, or elsewhere) know quite well that their warped ideological crusade is on the downswing in their homelands and they’ve chosen instead to engage in a tactical and “human rights”-draped retreat to a new battleground. The “refugee” label and the popular perception that these individuals are destitute, poverty-stricken individuals on the brink of starvation has served as the perfect cover for infiltrating the unsuspecting and ultra-naive continent. They envision taking advantage of the rampant political correctness in the EU in order to intimidatingly carve out Sharia-compliant zones in the host countries. These Wahhabist nests would then be used to incubate additional radicals and serve as a staging ground for launching further terrorist attacks (be they of the violent or sexual manifestations) in order to expand the reach of their ‘urban caliphates’. Basically, they plan on transplanting their “Arab Spring” tactics from the Mideast to Europe, with all of the resultant bloodshed and destabilization associated with these “democratic demonstrations” and similarly carried out with a wink and a nod (if not outright on-the-ground organizational support) from the US.

Erdogan with Whahabi leaders (--Reuters/Fahad Shadeed)

Erdogan with Wahhabi leaders (–Reuters/Fahad Shadeed)

To get back to the events that horrendously unfolded on New Year’s Eve, it must be underscored that the perverted perpetrators are not representatives of true Islam but of the freakish Wahhabist misinterpretation thereof. Secular Muslims in Syria, for example, have always treated women with the utmost of respect, while their radicalized Saudi counterparts have less respect for women than they do for cattle. After all, female cattle can graze wherever they wish without being “supervised” by a male counterpart, and Saudi men don’t lust about gang raping bovine. What the Wahhabists do dream of is militantly enforcing their fringe ideology on everybody else, and it’s evident to all that the ravenous behavior that was on stark display in Cologne is emblematic of a crazed and possibly captagon-fueled conquering force enacting punishment on a defeated population. Historically speaking, foreign forces sometimes engage in massive sexual attacks against native populations after having first conquered or colonized them, and while it’s much too early to say that Europe has been totally defeated by Wahhabi jihadists, it’s obvious that the latter are already preemptively ‘celebrating’ with ‘victory rapes’ and ‘gauntlet gropes’ (outside of a church, no less) in order to terrorize the local population into Sharia-compliant submission.

European Enablers

None of the sexual atrocities that took place in Cologne would have been possible had it not been for the hyper liberal-progressive policies of an indoctrinated European elite. Much has already been written about the practical fallacies underlying this ‘utopian’-inspired ideology, but comparatively less has been said about the on-the-ground enablers that shied away from stopping the New Year’s Eve attacks. The local citizens are not to blame at all, let alone the victims themselves, but much guilt rests on the hands of the police officers that were present at that scene and did nothing. It’s already been acknowledged that they were critically understaffed and totally ill-prepared in all capacities to deal with the sexually marauding mob, but a few more words need to be said about the extent to which this was the case.

European police are notoriously renowned for being unarmed and highly adverse to using any manner of (lethal) force against active criminals. They’re pretty much the opposite of their American counterparts, both of which are equally radical in their extremes most of the time. In this instance, the Germans’ extreme unease at resorting to violent crowd-control and anti-criminal measures seems to have been the most direct enabler for what happened. It’s not to suggest that the police should have randomly shot into the crowd and killed anyone that looked like they were up to trouble, but they should have at least made a forceful attempt in some physical manner to stop the multitude of crimes that were being carried out before their eyes. To have cowardly pulled back to passively observe the sexual terrorism that was transpiring (ostensibly because there weren’t enough cops to stop it), despite having made an oath to protect their fellow citizens, much makes them complicit in the staggering savagery.

Understood from another perspective, it’s conceivable that they may have been given an order to stand down or decided to do so on the own will out of “politically correct” reasons, although this by no means whatsoever is an excuse. With the government treating all “refugees” as first class citizens in a “New (post-modern) Germany” and giving this collective group millions of dollars’ worth of welfare benefits with no preconditions whatsoever, the police and/or their overseers may have felt that taking any resolute and potentially violent action against them (no matter how justified and limited) could have created a public relations disaster of epic proportions and automatically cost them their careers. Plus, it’s very likely that they literally didn’t believe their own eyes at what they were seeing, nor could their supervisors believe their own ears when they heard the on-the-ground reports from the officers at the scene, so indoctrinated were they in the hyper liberal-progressive “human rights” ideology of their state. The consequent cognitive dissonance explains why they stood by in semi-paralyzed shock and abandoned their legal responsibilities to the townspeople. Remember, none of this justifies their lack of a response, but it realistically explains quite a lot if the reader reflects on it.

To be fair, even if they had decided to take action against the out-of-control “refugees”, they might not have been as successful in their crowd control attempt as they would have thought, whether they had lethal weaponry with them and were prepared to use it or not. Although the “refugees” were only armed with glass bottles and firecrackers, it’s quite probable that some of them may have also had concealed knifes and other sharp objects with them as well, thus upping the potential for bloody close-quarters combat. The sheer numerical superiority of the “refugees” could have easily overwhelmed even the most well-trained officers, and the glass bottles and fireworks could have proven to be effective weapons against the authorities. It’s enough to harken back to the early days of the EuroMaidan urban terrorist movement just two years ago to recall just how efficient such simplistic weapons could be in the hands of die-hard radicalized fighters and career criminals.

When one thinks about it, if the under-prepared and completely inexperienced German police had bravely attempted to put a stop to the chaos, it’s probable that the sexual terrorist spree would have turned into an urban terrorist uprising and resulted in mass casualties, both on the side of the “refugees” and the law enforcers. Understanding the doublethink inherent to the hyper liberal-progressive ideology, if this scenario would have taken place, the media-driven narrative would have been one of “overreactive”, “racist”, “fascist” cops beating/killing “helpless”, “innocent”, “systemically victimized” “refugee” youth and would have been held up as an example of the type of response that European police should never repeat at any cost. Of course, this kind of skewed thinking would only enable even more outbreaks of sexual terrorism, but the brainwashed bureaucrats wouldn’t have thought twice about it and likely would have been convinced that they were doing the ‘right’ thing.

The Master Plan

Migrant route to Europe (-bbc.com)

Migrant route to Europe (-bbc.com)

Europe has really gotten itself into a trap by falling hook, line, and sinker for the “human rights” ‘bait’ that the US had tantalizingly used to destabilize it. The Wars on Iraq, Libya, and Syria created an acute humanitarian crisis where millions of people were forced from their homes and into external or internal refugee status. Working hand-in-glove with Erdogan’s Turkey, the US tempted millions of Syrians to flee their country and settle in the lands of their northern neighbor, only to later be strategically ‘released’ and pushed out to Europe via intelligence agency-linked drug- and human-trafficking networks and routes.

The US knew full well that the EU’s ideology predisposed it to a naively favorable response to the “refugee” crisis, no matter that a critical amount of these individuals weren’t legitimate refugees at all, but were economic piggybackers and Wahhabist/Muslim Brotherhood fighters, sympathizers, and sleeper agents. The demonstration effect that was created by the EU’s “come one, come all” approach and the lavish welfare supplements indiscriminately handed out by the Germans, Swedes, and others lured hundreds of thousands of non-Syrian and non-Iraqi individuals along the same paths. Eventually, just about anyone from the non-West that wasn’t Caucasian, Hispanic, or East Asian could illegally reach the EU and claim that they were a Syrian, Iraqi, or Libyan “refugee”, potentially even with false documents to ‘prove’ it.

As expected, the EU and the Balkan transit states were wholly overwhelmed by the unprecedented human flows that had strategically been directed against them, which, it must be reminded, was the entire objective that the US had been wanting to achieve. The domestic political and identity cleavages that this physical onslaught exacerbated soon developed into chasms of polarizing positions and physical activism, culminating in a predetermined and unstable mix of social ingredients that has heightened the Color Revolution threat in all of the Northern and Western European countries (with a similar risk being experienced in the Balkans, particularly Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia).

On command and with minimal guidance, these competing domestic factors (the pro-“refugee” camp, the anti-“refugee” camp, and the “refugees” themselves) can be manipulated into an all-out Hobbesian conflict amongst themselves and/or against the government, presenting a latent asymmetrical threat that’s sure to keep any wavering political leaders (i.e. those that are entertaining pragmatic relations with Russia and China) firmly under the US’ socio-political blackmail influence. For the most part, the US has actually succeeded (and in a very rapid time, it must be noted) at demographically engineering the situation in key EU states so as to maximize the potential for identity tension and create the situational requirements for on-demand Color Revolution-esque destabilizations in countries which had hitherto not been socially preconditioned for such.

No Way Out

As it stands, the EU, and especially Germany, is in the ultimate dilemma. There are only three possible responses that decision makers can take in dealing with the spree of sexual terrorism that broke out on New Year’s Eve, each of which are guaranteed to only galvanize the opposite political camp to the extreme and quite possibly even provoke an active anti-government movement in response. The realistic courses of action are as follows;

A: Business As Usual

Governments choose not to do anything in response and effectively pretend like the incident never happened, using high-sounding rhetoric and symbolic moves to deflect attention away from their lack of physical action.

B: Security Overload

In lieu of deporting all “refugees”, this demographic comes under intense, Orwellian surveillance and oversight in order to preclude any frightening repeat of the New Year’s Eve sexual attacks, with unprecedented security measures being taken against them (e.g. 24-hour police observation) that could lead to some critics justifiably or unjustifiably panning the “refugee” facilities and supervision process as modern-day ‘concentration camps’ run by a ‘neo-Gestapo’.

C: Deportations

It’s absolutely unlikely that blanket deportations will be decided upon in which thousands of “refugees” are systematically removed and sent back to their original non-European transit state of Turkey, but such a practice could foreseeably be applied against any “refugee” engaged in any manner whatsoever of illegal or suspected illegal activity, with all of the obvious potentials for abuse to take place.

In all likelihood, a combination of B and C will probably be undertaken to varying degrees depending on the given state, which of course will produce a strong reaction among those that are dead-set against it (the “refugees” themselves and their domestic supporters) and those who think that the state isn’t doing enough (depending on the specific situation, this could be either pragmatic patriots and/or fascist fanatics).

Option A is the worst possible choice of the three because it could easily lead to instantaneous, widely inclusive anti-government demonstrations and would obviously enable even more sexual, and eventually even violent, terrorism to take place. Choices B and C might present a win-lose mixture (again, dependent on context and how they’re physically carried out), but it’s without a doubt that option A is a lose-lose in every single way, accomplishing only the limited and painful rhetorical prolongation of the failed hyper liberal-progressive ideology.

No matter what is finally decided upon, however, it’s unquestionable that every course of action carries with it unique strategic opportunities for the US to exploit, in which the anti-government sentiment that’s been engineered over the past year via the manipulation of this manufactured crisis can be called upon to enact extreme pressure against the target government. It’s through this manner that the US can sustain decades-long influence over the less Russophobic portion of the EU, relying on the ideology of external hate to control the east while depending on its easily guided domestic demographic equivalent (in co-equal terms of “refugee”-on-local and local-on-“refugee” factors) to do the same with the west.

Concluding Thoughts

Refugees Autria-Hungarian border (--dailymail.co.uk)

Refugees Autria-Hungarian border (–dailymail.co.uk)

The “refugee” crisis was organized from the beginning by the US as a means of rapidly engineering a politically and socially divisive demographic shift in key EU states, with importance being attached to the perception of such less so than the actual numbers and relative percentages of change involved. The domestic discord attached to this looming demographic time bomb wouldn’t be so pronounced if there were barely any Wahhbist/Muslim Brotherhood individuals attached to this human flow, as legitimate refugees that are genuinely interested in assimilating and integrating into their host countries pose close to no asymmetrical threat whatsoever.

Unfortunately for those sincere, well-intentioned, and needy individuals, the large-scale infiltration of nefarious forces into their ranks has sadly served to undermine their cause and associate it with unwanted Islamism. It seems inevitable that the real refugees among the bunch will end up being the ones who suffer the most from the fallout of Cologne’s New Year’s Eve spree of sexual terrorism, but it needs to be repeated that none of this would have been possible had it not been for the combination of American and NATO militancy and the EU’s naive but obsessive adherence to hyper liberal-progressive ideological facets.

At the end of the day, the US looks to have succeeded in its plot to plant the seeds for demographic destabilization right into the heart of Europe, but that doesn’t mean that enterprising leaders and patriotic societies can’t theoretically find an innovative way to neutralize this threat, provided of course that these actors still exist in a significant enough manner to make any difference.


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