Web Censorship and Western Propaganda: The Google Blockade

One Way the Ruling Elite Suppresses Dissent on the Web

by Kennedy Applebaum
Quemado Institute
February 13, 2016



Why does the New York Times boast a Google PageRank of 9, while the highly respected TASS Russian News Agency bears a PageRank of 0?


PageRank, on a scale of 1 to 10, indicates Google’s assessment of the “reliability” or “importance” of a website, based first and foremost on the quantity and “quality” of its incoming links. A lot of popular sites link to the New York Times, hence its PR of 9. And if the New York Times links to your blog, you’re sailing in a fine breeze. But if TASS links to your blog, forget it.

Welcome to the machinations of internet censorship! This explains why a Google Search so often brings up cheap, shallow results—fluffy websites drenched with advertising, half-truths, fabrications and propaganda, devoid of hard data, interesting diversity, informative content and—God forbid—dissenting opinion. Ie: Google is a conduit for Western mainstream indoctrination.

This probably doesn’t surprise you. But how does it work?

Until recently, the statistic called “PageRank” was believed by experts to be the main criterion for Google web search prioritization. Experts stress that they have little to base their analysis on, as the premier internet search company keeps its algorithms secret. But PageRank (PR) has long been considered the measure of the “importance” of a site.

Now, however, Google appears to be switching to a new parameter called—hold your breath—“Trust Flow”. If you can stand the sound of that gooey term, Trust Flow (TF) is not just a measure of the “quality” of incoming links. It is also a measure of how closely related the content is of the linking source. Thus, if a highly ranked medical website links to another medical website, the latter will gain in TF ranking.

The impact of this, as you may soon see, is that National Geographic—that slick Western-propaganda pseudo-science rag—will outrank Wikipedia. Good-bye information!

Meanwhile, PageRank is still an important barometer. And a PR of 0 is not just a low score, it’s a penalty reserved for “spam” websites. Regardless of whether the site is really spam, Google willy nilly relegates it to the end of the search results list.

The impact of this censorship is a large void of real information for readers seeking truth. Some of the finest blogs and news agencies on the internet have been slammed with a PageRank of 0. Among these taboo sites are Sputnik News, TASS Russian News Agency, The Saker, Slavyangrad, New Cold War, Russia Insider, Novorossia Today, Fort Russ, Global Independent Analytics, Red Star Over Donbass, DONi News, Donetsk News Agency, David Stockman’s Corner (what–?!) … and yes, Quemado Institute (but we’re in good company). These blogs and news sites rely mainly on direct traffic and links from social media.

How is a PR of 0 assigned? Not by human intervention, of course, but by automated algorithms that analyze links. PR is fixed not only by the quantity and quality of incoming links—ie. quality based on the PageRank of the link source—but, experts believe, it is also impacted by another parameter called “BadRank”. Unlike PageRank, which depends on the “quality” of incoming links, BadRank depends on the “quality” of outgoing links. The sad news is, if your blog conscientiously links to, say, 20 informative websites with PageRank 0, your BadRank soars to a big negative value, offsetting any positive PR you may have earned. The result is PR 0. For sites reporting on Donbass, such as Quemado Institute, this has a crippling effect.

So what is the strategy for alternative websites that suffer a zero PageRank? One can only guess. But my guess, based on the analysis of experts, is that zero-rank websites must not link to each other. At least not yet. Every time we do, we aggravate our own BadRank. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle of censorship for all of us. Meanwhile, though, we should visit each other’s sites often. This will boost our traffic, which may also increase our PageRank.

We should still of course credit our sources by giving the domain name in the URL (ie. the URL minus the http or www). But don’t make it a live link, unless you know the destination has a high PageRank.

Experts suggest that linking to high-rank sources boosts your own rank, especially if the link appears toward the top of an article. Excellent sites with high PageRanks (eg. 5 or 6) include Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul Institute, Consortium News, Global Reseearch, Information Clearinghouse, sott.net (Sign of the Times), Russia Beyond the Headlines, and Strategic Culture Foundation. Oddly enough, rt.com has an anomalously high PageRank of 7. This may be due to what we suspect is an actual Western ownership of this publication: it is a tolerated dissenter, the purpose of its prominence to make dissent appear still possible.

The goal of many alternate websites, if I can assume it’s a goal we share, is to have a positive impact on the flow of truth in the world. This means bigger readership, which involves a certain compromise. But the gain may outweigh the sacrifice. It might improve our PageRank if we link the God-awful New York Times, and do so early on the page (as above). Links to other mainstream sources are bound to have a similar positive effect. Then, if and when our sites achieve a higher PageRank, we can link frequently to each other, and thereby increase our . . . ahem . . . Trust Flow.

The real goal is Truth Flow.

But the ruling elite abhors the truth.



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