Donald Trump, Western Intervention

US Republican Primaries: Trump Set to Win Super Tuesday

By Kennedy Applebaum
Quemado Institute
February 28, 2016
Updated February 29, 2016

Donald Trump with family after candidacy announcement (

Trump & family after candidacy announcement (–latimes)

Billionaire business mogul Donald Trump is positioned to win most of the Republican primary and caucus events scheduled for Super Tuesday,  March 1, 2016, when some 600 delegates will be assigned, or more than one quarter of the total in the Republican race. Recent polls show Trump with a substantial lead in Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia. Cruz tops the polls in Arkansas and Texas, while Rubio is ahead in Minnesota.

The states set to vote or hold caucuses, along with recent poll figures are:

Alabama Primary (50 delegates) – Trump 36%, Rubio 19%, Cruz 12%
Alaska Caucus (28 delegates) – Trump holds “substantial lead”, poll figures unknown
Arkansas Primary (40 delegates) – Cruz 27%, Trump 23%, Rubio 23%
Colorado Caucus (37 delegates) – poll figures unknown
Georgia Primary (76 delegates) – Trump 45%, Rubio 19%, Cruz 16%
Massachusetts Primary (42 delegates) Trump 50%, Cruz/Rubio 16%
Minnesota Caucus (38 delegates) – Rubio 23%, Cruz 21 %, Trump 18%
North Dakota (28 delegates) – poll figures unknown
Oklahoma Primary (43 delegates) – Trump 29%, Rubio 21%, Cruz 20%
Tennessee Primary (58 delegates) – Trump 40%, Cruz 22%
Texas Primary (155 delegates) – Cruz 39%, Trump 26%, Rubio 16%
Vermont Primary (16 delegates) – Trump 32%, Rubio 17%, Cruz 11%
Virginia Primary (49 delegates) – Trump 40%, Rubio 27%
Wyoming Caucus (29 delegates) – poll figures unknown

The winners will be posted here following Super Tuesday’s voting events.

In a CNN/ORC national poll released February 29, Donald Trump is nearing 50% support among Republican and Republican-leaning voters:

• Donald Trump: 49%
• Marco Rubio: 16%
• Ted Cruz: 15%
• Ben Carson: 10%
• John Kasich: 6%

Quemado Institute endorses Donald Trump

The founders of Quemado Institute support Trump first and foremost for his reasonable policies on global affairs. We believe he is by far the most likely candidate to accomplish US nonintervention in foreign conflicts.

Over the last 15 years, American meddling in countries such as Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan has caused a plethora of evils, including regional destabilization, the spread of terrorism, Europe’s migrant crisis, the destruction of ancient cultural heritage, devastation of regional infrastructure, the undermining of secularism—and, most serious of all, the violent deaths of thousands of innocent people. Were the US to stop being the “world’s policeman”, many lives would be saved, and whatever stability remains in the world would be more likely to persist. In particular, US withdrawal of support for Ukraine’s Kiev regime would have a positive impact on peace and sovereignty for Donbass.

Donald Trump’s stated foreign policy positions:

  • Trump has said he would like to work cooperatively with Vladimir Putin. The Russian President in turn has called Trump “talented” or “brilliant” depending on translation, and added, “How can we not welcome this?” A partnership of Trump and Putin, both highly pragmatic and intelligent men, would be poised to resolve many of the world’s crises.
  • Trump has stated that Bashar Assad’s overthrow should not be considered at the present time, that Qaddafi should not have been killed, that the Middle East would be more stable if Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi were still alive, and that Europe, not the United States, should take responsibity for Ukraine.
  • The business mogul has also said the United States should not be the world’s policeman.
  • Trump advocates eradication of ISIS in cooperation with Putin.
  • Trump opposed the Iraq war, says Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction, and voted against George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential election.
  • Trump has said negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians can only be successful if both sides are given equal consideration, although he has won awards for his support of Israel.

For full primary schedule, click here.

The Republican National Convention will be held July 18-21, 2016.





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