Donald Trump

Super Tuesday Primary Results Consolidate Trump Lead

By Kennedy Applebaum
Quemado Institute
March 2, 2016

Donald Trump "I'm a unifier", Palm Beach Florida, March 1, 2016 (--Breitbart News)

Donald Trump, “I’m a unifier”, Palm Beach, Florida, March 1, 2016 “Super Tuesday” (–Breitbart News)

Last night’s “Super Tuesday” Republican primary and caucus votes helped solidify business magnate Donald Trump’s place as the party’s frontrunner, earning him a total of 316 delegates to date, a substantial lead over Ted Cruz’s 226, and Marco Rubio’s 98. Trump amassed 234 delegates during yesterday’s vote, while Cruz gained 209 and Rubio 82.

Following his victory in several states, Trump held a press conference at his Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, available here on video.

The billionaire mogul won in the Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Vermont, and Massachusetts state primaries, adding to his earlier victories in the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries and the Nevada caucus. Cruz dominated in the Texas and Oklahoma primaries and the Alaska caucus, after a previous win in the Iowa caucus. Rubio, who topped the list in yesterday’s Minnesota caucus, has yet to win a primary election.

Trump vs Cruz Percentage of vote and delegates by state
(* = Trump win)

.                                 Trump                       Cruz
Super Tuesday Primaries:
Texas                  26.8%           33          43.8%        99
Oklahoma           28.3             12          34.4           14
*Arkansas           32.7             16          30.5           14
*Tennessee         38.9             31         24.7           14
*Alabama            43.4             36          21.1          13
*Georgia              38.8             40          23.6          18
*Virginia              34.7             17          16.9            8
*Vermont             32.7               6            9.7            0
*Massachusetts  49.2             22           9.6             4

Earlier Primaries:
*New Hampshire 35.3%          11          11.7%         3
*South Carolina    32.5              50         22.3           0

Super Tuesday Caucuses:
Alaska                   33.4%            11         36.4%      12
Minnesota            21.2               10         28.9         13

Earlier Caucuses:
Iowa                     24.3%               7         27.6%        8
*Nevada              45.9                14         21.4           6

The GOP primaries drew some 6.9 million voters, while Democratic voter participation stood at only 4.6 million, indicating the Republican party has expanded significantly in the current race for the first time in decades, according to Trump at his Palm Beach press conference. This marked enthusiasm points to a likely Republican triumph in the November 2016 elections. Low voter turnout on the Democratic side indicates lackluster interest in the campaign of party lead Hillary Clinton, who faces possible FBI indictment for mishandling classified documents as former Secretary of State, and who some suspect is guilty of peddling top secret information.


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