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Reader Survey on US Policy in Ukraine: Evil, Greedy, War Hungry, Mad, Naive, Imperialistic, or Just Plain Stupid?

Analysts around the world agree the United States Government has gone stark raving mad on the issue of Russia and Ukraine. But few can fathom America’s motives. The following is a survey of readers’ answers to the riddle.

Participants were asked to click on all items they believe contribute to US Government policy on Ukraine and Russia:

A. The United States Government (USG) wants to start World War III.

B. The USG thinks America needs war to stimulate the economy and strengthen its interests abroad, while refusing to acknowledge the risks of a nuclear conflagration.

C. The USG is ignorant of the dangers of its provocations and blind to the suffering it inflicts on people around the world.

D. The USG has a right to do what it wants around the world since America is an exceptional nation

E. The USG has fallen prey to pressure and/or favors from financial interests, including energy and agrobusiness investors in Ukraine; bankers who seek to extract wealth from Ukraine’s future EU membership; the European Troika comprising the European Central Bank, the EU and the IMF; Israeli or Zionist factions, and/or transnational corporations and oligarchs oblivious to America’s well-being.

F. The USG hopes to topple the Russian government and/or provoke a direct war with Russia.

G. The USG naively believes it is spreading democracy around the world and has little concept of its own real impact.

H. The USG ignores data from its own intelligence agencies and relies, for its technical reports about Ukraine and Russia, on the propaganda spewed by the six Western media corporations. Hence it is wildly misled by media oligarchs.

I. The USG is enthralled by its own virtue, drunk on power and/or 7-martini lunches, mesmerized by the inbred arrogance of its own exclusive Ivy League club, and oblivious to contrary factual evidence.

J. The USG has reverted to obsolete Cold War attitudes and is unreasonably paranoid or jealous of Russia, especially Putin.

K. The USG is seeking to dominate the world through an overt imperialistic campaign.

L. The USG is rightfully and correctly protecting the legitimate interests of America.

M. The USG is run by low-IQ people who know very little but are proud, loud and pushy.

N. The USG is a manifestation of pure evil.

O. Other. Leave comment by clicking “Leave a reply” at the top of this article. (Your email address will not be used or even verified to exist.)

The purpose of this survey was to raise public awareness of the risks, under current US policy, of an escalation into World War III. We hope to assist in deterring such an outcome through the promotion of truth and reason.

Results: The top reader response is B (the USG needs war to stimulate the economy). Also high are A (the USG wants to start WWIII), C (the USG is ignorant and blind to the suffering it causes), F (the USG is trying to provoke a war with Russia or topple its government) and K (the USG is seeking to dominate the world). Next are E (the USG is prey to financial interests), and N (the USG is pure evil). Thank you for your responses!

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One thought on “Reader Survey on US Policy in Ukraine: Evil, Greedy, War Hungry, Mad, Naive, Imperialistic, or Just Plain Stupid?

  1. The usg is doing is now a puppet for the 1% elite who lurk in the shadows of the upper echelons of Washington dc. These twisted sociopaths are the people who really run the country. These despicable “illuminati” care not one iota for the human race. They will have their wars and prey upon us like a parasite for they are subhuman and evil. They are the evil world banksters. Rockefellers, the george soros’, . They have manipulated and turned the us people against each other and the world. They sell guns and wmds to the allies and enemies alike, the ultimate in betrayal. They kill everyone in their way, including innocent woman and children. They have turned many proud countries into rubble and have now turned america into a third world police state. Yes, they want all of us serfs to perish in WWIII for their pleasure and bankroll. After all war is big money for these evil trolls.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Chris | August 17, 2015, 4:24 am

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