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Basurin: Ukraine Moves Heavy Arms to Contact Line

Eduard Basurin: the DPR Army is registering arrival of the heavy armaments of Ukrainian Armed Forces to the line of contact
Novorossia Today
March 12, 2015

slavyanskmar12zThe DPR Army is registering the arrival of heavy armaments of Ukrainian Armed Forces to the line of contact, Deputy Commander of Corps of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR Eduard Basurin said at a press-conference. “In spite of the announcement of Kiev authorities that they have completed withdrawal of heavy armaments from the line of contact, we keep on receiving information concerning the reinforcement of the UAF positions along the entire line of contact, as well as concerning the deployment of artillery and MRLS in the demilitarized zone,” said he.

Military exercises of Ukrainian armed forces (--Tass © EPA/Sergey Dolzhenko)

Military exercises of Ukrainian armed forces (–Tass © EPA/Sergey Dolzhenko)

According to Basurin, significant growth of concentration of Ukrainian troops has been registered in the area of Mariupol and locality Peski. “Open projection of troops from the rear to the above mentioned areas is being registered, namely: arrival of new mobile units with armoured vehicles, movement of convoys carrying ammunitions and building materials for the consolidation of Ukrainian positions,” reported Basurin.

In the Donetsk direction to the north of locality Staryi Krym new artillery firing positions had been [relocated] for a MRLS “Grad”. One more “Grad” launcher is placed in 6 km to the north-east of locality Staroignatovka. In the Mariupol direction in the area of locality Gnutovo a MRLS unit containing four “Grad” missile launchers is [relocated]. In the Lugansk direction in the area of locality Stanichno-Luganskoye in violation of the Minsk Agreement six “Grad” missile launchers had been deployed.

“All the information we obtain in regard to the implementation of the Minsk Agreement is passed to the Joint Center of Ceasefire Control and Coordination,” Basurin said.

The DPR in its turn is appealing to the monitoring mission of the OSCE “to instantly organize visits to the above mentioned areas and provide control over immediate withdrawal of Ukrainian heavy weaponry to the determined by the Agreement distance with the aim of implementation of the Minsk Agreement,” Deputy Commander of Corps of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR said. “On our part we confirm our readiness to guarantee carrying out similar moves by the representatives of the Joint Center and the OSCE in the territory of the DPR,” Basurin summed up.

[See related Tass News Agency article at Ukraine begins combat training near engagement line — Donetsk republic (Mar 12).]



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